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OL: Do not get out of this hen would be a failure for Aulas

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Olympique Lyonnais dreams of being now considered a club that regularly passes the hens of the Champions League. This will bring back good memories to Juninho, who had taken this good habit when he was an OL player. Now, it is from the stands that the Brazilian will follow the performance of his team, with an affordable group in the draw held this Thursday in Monaco. If it will still pass Leipzig, Benfica and Zenith, Jean-Michel Aulas is well aware that on paper, there was worse.

" We can say that we avoided the worst. It allows you to hope. But OL always comes to qualify. Be that as it may, we will have to be wary of these so-called 'inferior' teams. Even if it seems playable, it will be difficult. It's a great pleasure to be here. I hope that our supporters will be allowed to leave this group. Our goal is to go to the 8th finals. It is essential to see the investments provided "The president of Lyon, who knows that his club will also fill the pockets with the financial windfall of the Champions League, and can continue to grow as it does this summer with his ambitious recruitment.

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