Florida on alert before hurricane Dorian arrives in category 4


Since the beginning of the week, tropical storm Dorian has become a hurricane, causing panic in the Caribbean, affecting several islands, causing damage in Martinique, sparing Puerto Rico relatively. The hurricane is now expected in Florida between Sunday and Monday, with even more power, since it should then be category 4.

At first, the tropical storm crossed Tuesday the West Indian arc, causing some floods in southern Martinique, which had been placed on orange alert heavy rain and thunderstorms and yellow vigilance for high winds. Once passed, she left behind a collapsed road, a lot of cleaning in shops and homes and 4,000 homes without electricity. No victim is to deplore, says the prefecture.

Winds up to 210 km / h

A few hours later, the island of Puerto Rico suffered the passing of the storm on Wednesday, which had increased in the meantime to officially become a hurricane level 1. In the end, despite heavy rainfall carried in dangerous winds, Puerto Rico was relatively spared and Dorian finally moved away from the island, prompting the US National Hurricane Center (NHC) to withdraw its alert for the territory.

From now on, Florida is on alert and should be touched between Sunday and Monday. Precipitation with an accumulation of 10 to 20 centimeters is expected. Meanwhile, the hurricane will become "major", category 3, or even 4, according to US media, with winds at least 178 km / h, and can be close to 210 km / h.

Trump calls for caution

"All Floridians should have prepared a plan – do not wait until it's too late!" Warned Ron DeSantis, the state's governor. "You should have enough food, water and medicine to last seven days," he said during a press conference.

"It seems like Hurricane Dorian will hit Florida late Sunday night, be prepared and please, follow the instructions of the state (Florida, ed) and the federal government, it will be a very big hurricane, maybe one of the biggest, "tweeted President Donald Trump Thursday morning.

According to the latest point from the US National Hurricane Center (NHC) at 3 pm on Thursday, Dorian's eye was 355 kilometers north of Puerto Rico and 600 kilometers east of the Bahamas, while the hurricane moved northwest at a speed of 20 km / h.

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