Florida and Georgia in full pre-hurricane Dorian preparations


300 kilometers and winds that already reach 185 km / h. In the coming hours, hurricane Dorian will land on the coast of Florida (USA), having already caused damage to Puerto Rico in particular. Currently classified in category 3, the weather phenomenon is likely to strengthen during its approach to the US shores and the inhabitants of Florida and Georgia are preparing for the worst. Races, filling of jerrycans, stock of food and medicine … necessary actions before the storm. "We take all necessary to hydrate and feed during the hurricane", Says the American who fills his caddy.

Aware of the situation, US President Donald Trump has canceled his trip to Poland and is regularly notified of the hurricane. At the local level, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis hopes residents of the 67 counties in emergency situations will be disciplined. "If you are in an evacuation zone, put your safety first before your home", Said the Republican politician.

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