Finally, Apple will provide many official parts to independent repairers


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It's no secret that Apple works in closed circuit so that going through its services is essential. This is particularly the case for the repair of its products, and more specifically the iPhone.Also, it is a revolution in Apple's commercial policy that has just taken place. In fact, independent repairers will now have access to the official parts and tools of the Cupertino company to repair its products.

The shelving of independent repairers completed

Apple is changing its way of doing things. As a reminder, iFixit had revealed the presence of a component on the iPhone batteries, which allowed to certify that the battery was official, preventing unauthorized repairers from benefiting.IPhone whose battery was not certified by Apple showed poor indications as to the capabilities of the latter in the settings. Without blocking the smartphone, it turned out to be rather disabling when going through another repair service than the one set up by the Cupertino company.

So it's a big change announced by Apple with its new program since the independent repairers will now have access to tools, parts and network dedicated to iPhone repair. However, conditions are imposed.

At least one Apple technician will have to be present

If the independent repairer wants to access all the official logistics of Apple, he will still have to count among his employees a person certified by the firm. For the latter, it is essential that the work is done well. This is a repair " safe and reliable With the help of an employee familiar with Apple's approach.

It remains to be seen whether Apple will deploy this new policy anywhere in the world, the latter being for the moment effective only in the United States. The independent repairers are very numerous, especially in France. Working hand in hand with Apple could be a plus for these.

Source: CNBC

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