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September 2017, PSG presented at Saint-Symphorien with Cavani, Mbappé and Neymar, all three aligned for the first time. Almost two years later, the face of the Capital Club has changed. None of the three front stars were present, between injuries and transfer rumors. Draxler, Kehrer and Diallo were not on the trip either. As if that was not enough, Tuchel offered two big surprises in his composition. In the starting line, Areola gave Bulka his place in goal while Aouchiche in the middle also celebrated his first appearance on the field in professional, leaving a Paredes whose future seems more and more blocked on the bench. The 17-year-old barely teamed up with Gueye and Verratti and the Sarabia-Di Maria-Choupo-Monting trio started in front. Metz played 4-3-3 with Boulaya, Nguette and home scorer Diallo in attack.

Even in this greatly reshaped composition, PSG was quickly taking the lead. The midfielders took advantage of the many spaces left to deploy their game. Even the central defenders managed to slip into the midfield to bring the excess, releasing free areas on the wings. The capital club was quickly given a penalty for a foul on Bernat. In failure last weekend, Di Maria transformed the offering (0-1, 11th). Logically moved, the Messins were not outdone and also played their rare shots thoroughly. Diallo interfered with the central defense, offering two great attempts outside the frame (15th, 25th). Not yet safe in this match since Gueye had a little missed his head (17th), PSG quietly continued his work, helped by a Di Maria ubiquitous.

PSG in management

Useful, liberated and confident but not often served, Choupo-Moting went on a diet. After a bad choice where he probably should have chosen the individual option rather than attempting a shift towards Sarabia (33), the striker scored the goal of the break on a free-kick Verratti (0-2, 43). He allowed his family to return to the locker room with a comfortable lead. The second period offered a slightly different physiognomy. In front of the scoreboard, players in the capital wanted less risk and left a little more ball Grenats. Dagba must also win a first time before saving his side in front of the shot by Nguette (58th). Boulaya did not find the frame on this free-kick well worked after a foul conceded to the edge of the area by Aouchiche (64th).

With a line of 5 in the middle well organized, the PSG prevented Metz from appearing in the danger zone. The champion of France also took advantage of this situation to act against. Di Maria tested the gloves of Oukidja on this shot of the right end of the race (67th). Only by dint of going back, the champion of France put himself a little in danger. Bulka even had to offer his first stop on the shot from Boulaya (79), before committing a small hand fault without consequence on this new attempt by Gakpa (86th). Before the final whistle, the Parisians were a little afraid of the rough game Mosellans, like Choupo-Moting, who ended with an ice pocket, and Di Maria with a crutch on the thigh. With this victory, they resume for the moment the head of Ligue 1, thanks to a better goal difference than Stade Rennais.

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The man of the match: Verratti (8): he enjoyed a lot of freedom which allowed him to take the game to his account. Author of a few transversals who have done a lot of good and were able to reverse the game, the Italian has also made speak his aggressiveness (42). He puts the leather on the head of a Choupo-Moting scorer (43). Confident and with a physically fit, the midfielder has reigned tonight, as evidenced by his outings always delicious ball. Replaced by Kurzawa (82nd).


- Oukidja (4): the former Strasbourg conceded two goals, including a penalty on which he can not much. He can certainly relax on Choupo-Moting's head. He saved his family on other interventions. Inadequate face Parisian attackers.

- Centonze (5): after a complicated first period when he saw Ángel Di María make him miseries on his side, the former Lens has responded well in the second half. He tried to provide solutions to his partners in his corridor but he found himself facing an intractable Parisian defense.

- Boye (4): against Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting, the central defender suffered on the game in delivery of the Cameroonian. Often caught up in speed, he did not know how to contain Parisian assaults. With the permutations of Pablo Sarabia and Ángel Di María, the Ghanaian experienced a difficult evening.

- Sunzu (4): Like his defense friend, it was a strange evening. The Zambian tried to harass Parisians near his surface but the speed of the players of the club of the capital put him in difficulty. Late on the second goal of the Red and Blue, he leaves totally alone Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting at the back post.

- Delaine (6): defensively, the left-back has suffered against the climbs of Colin Dagba in his hallway. But offensively, he did not hesitate to project himself when he had space in front of him. He also tried his luck when he had the opportunity (38th).

- Maiga (4): the Malian international experienced a contrasting match. He defended as much as possible but the dilettantism of Cohade penalized him, he took full swing the waves of Paris. The ease of Verratti was a nightmare for him and yet when he had the ball he did not get rid of it, he played simple and tried to break lines. Poorly paid.

- Cohade (3): Messin least in sight tonight. Despite his experience (34 years), the midfielder did not exist and had a hard time getting his team up and thus initiate actions, which should be his role in this meeting. As usual, he has distributed a few shots to stop the opponents attacks. Replaced by Marvin Gakpa (70th). Number 10 tried to bring percussion but it lacked the accuracy in its transmissions.

- Fofana (3): Blame it on Juan Bernat who brought the penalty of Ángel Di María (11th), the midfielder was often caught in default by the redoubling pass of the Parisians. Catchy and brawler, he has not weighed enough on the debates to thwart the midfielder Paris. Replaced by Victorien Angban (59th).

- Boulaya (4): very active, the technique of the Algerian posed some worries to the Parisian defenders. He has combined well with Thomas Delaine to find solutions. It is he who solicits Marcin Bulka on the shot of the game for Messins (79th). Replaced by Ibrahima Niane (82).

- Nguette (4): the Senegalese has defended a lot in his corridor. With the successive climbs of Colin Dagba and Pablo Sarabia, the striker did not hesitate to help his side. Offensively, it was more complicated because he did not have many shots to play. He tried to initiate counterattacks but the Parisian defense was rarely taken in default (57th).

- Diallo (4): only real offensive weapon of his team tonight. The striker got some dangerous situations, especially in the first half where he tried his luck alone but his attempts lacked precision or support (15th, 25th). He also defended a lot, especially on the set pieces where his defensive head game was valuable on certain phases of the game.


- Bulka (6): Surprisingly enough to replace Areola on the start, the young Polish goalkeeper was playing the first professional match of his career. Not afraid of the issue, he made a convincing copy if not brilliant. It must be said that he hardly had a stop to perform, except for this shot from Boulaya (79). He has read the opposing trajectories, feeling the balls out of frame (15th, 25th, 64th). A small mistake where he sees the ball slip under his elbow but he makes up well by going out into the air on the next corner (86th). He has also shown good things in his raises and deserves to be reviewed.

- Dagba (7): he has plenty of juice this little. Very serious on his side even if Boulaya's dribbles have sometimes made him turn his head, the Parisian titi has been strong in his role. Good choices, excesses full of determination and vista (19th, 41st), excellent coverage and ball insurance. He even offers two salvating returns in the area, preventing Nguette to score (58th). He begins to impose himself gently on this position.

- Marquinhos (6.5): a misunderstanding with Thiago Silva that allows Diallo to arm his shot (15th) but the Brazilian will have been very serious on the whole meeting. He has even come to bring the supernumerary in the middle on rare occasions (3rd). His head game was good in both surfaces, especially behind where he was able to clear some hot balloons on the highlights messins. A solid performance.

- Thiago Silva (6): the Paris captain showed more difficulties than his friend from the central axis. He had trouble managing the physical and travel Diallo who was able to try his luck by turning (15th, 25th), before correcting a little mistakes in the second half. His ease and tranquility ball to the foot have provided good ball out to his team. He won the majority of his duels.

- Bernat (6): still a good match of the Spaniard who displays a certain regularity. In legs, he responded to the speed and physique of Nguette, before widely occupy his hallway. He has often been seen at the forefront even though he has not always been served in good conditions. He was less prominent in the second half, only to defend his side. He has left a few spaces to his opponents.

- Gueye (6.5): the Senegalese international is already doing good in the midfield of Paris. Mobility, fairness, racing forward and an agreement that begins to be good with Verratti, the new recruit has lost no time to find a place in the Paris collective. He misses his head a bit while he is alone at the far post (17th). Moreover, he found himself several times free of any marking in the opposing surface.

- Verratti (8): see above.

- Aouchiche (4,5): mobility but too much discretion. The youngest player in PSG history to start a game in the league will not have marked the meeting of his footprint. We see a few times that he knows how to play just the image of balloon given in the timing for Choupo-Moting (36th) but he has rarely played forward. A little imprinted and replaced by Paredes (66th), which brought freshness to the midfield. Even under pressure, the Argentine has generally played just right. Warned on his first contact (70th).

- Sarabia (4,5): holder thanks to the many absences of the evening, the former player of Seville will have been too discreet in this meeting. Often isolated on the right side, he waited for this hit countered to finally stand out (45th). He did not always make the right choices (37th, 80th) and even changing wings in the second half, he stayed in his corner. The Spaniard did not manage to make big differences ball with the foot.

- Choupo-Moting (7): double striker last week, the Cameroonian international has still talked powder. While we almost did not see him in the game in the first period, we felt it in confidence, as evidenced by his few dribbling attempts. He scores with a header (43) just before the break and allows his team to go back to the locker room with a break in advance. In a thankless role of pivotal attacker in the second half, he once again bluffed everybody, doing a big job and performing some class gestures like this sombrero (71st). Slightly touched knee, he gave way to Jesé (90th), who was making his comeback in Ligue 1 for the first time since December 2016.

- Di Maria (6.5): he took good advantage of this meeting to assume the role of technical leader of the PSG. It's simple, all the balloons passed by his feet in the first period. Almost too much. He abused some balloons over the defense but it was through him that the danger came. Scorer on penalty, he could have turned into a passer on this head Gueye (17th). He dropped his foot in the second half, just like the rest of the team, and saw Oukidja stop his shot (67 ').

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