Facebook creates a smart assistant in Minecraft


The assistant has the ability to interact with humans who formulate written queries in the game. For example, he may be asked to build a tower fifteen blocks tall with a smiley man on top and then watch him do it. . It is also possible to make comments and ask him questions about his work.

In the last decade, we have seen a qualitative leap in the performance of machine learning when it comes to specific, well-defined tasks. (…) Rather than having a superhuman performance in the accomplishment of a single task, what interests us here is the competence in the accomplishment of several simple tasks specified by humans, reads the research report of the team led by Arthur Szlam.

The Minecraft Virtual Assistant makes a circle in this animated gif. Enlarge image (New window)

The virtual assistant builds a circle.

Photo: Facebook Research

The virtual assistant will become more and more competent by performing a variety of tasks.

Which makes Minecraft useful for the development of artificial intelligence, it is the infinity of creative possibilities available to the players in the relatively simple and predictable limits of the game environment.

The research team believes that the flexibility and simplicity of language that will be used by players in their AI commands will also contribute to the learning of the intelligent assistant.

The current development version of the virtual assistant Minecraft Facebook Research can be downloaded for free from GitHub (New window).

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