Europa League: Strasbourg eliminated in dams by Frankfurt – Foot – C3


The match: 0-3

Strasbourg was at the height of the event last week (1-0), especially during a first period achieved in terms of control and commitment. The team of Thierry Laurey showed the exact opposite this Thursday in Frankfurt (0-3), not resisting the imposed pressure of entry by the Germans, semi-finalists of the last edition. This was illustrated by Mitrovic's goal against his side, who deflected a Rebic cross into his goal, fearing Kamada's presence in his back (26 ').

In the first leg, the face of the match had changed in the second half, while Racing led and played more in his camp after the break. The parallel stopped there. Despite the expulsion of Rebic for a late charge on Sels (44th), Strasbourg did not leave the head of the water. The red card against Liénard (53rd) prevented any reversal of situation. Frankfurt has achieved its superiority in the game thanks to a superb free kick from Kostic in the skylight (60) and a cover of Danny Da Costa (67) on a center behind Kamada, in all good moves.

The European adventure of the Alsatians stops at the end of August, a march of the group stage of the Europa League, whose draw will be held this Friday with only Saint-Etienne and Rennes to represent France. The Racing can feed some regrets: not having made the break at home, having missed some opportunities to revive this Thursday (52nd, 63rd, 72nd) and not having been able to overcome the pressure, not always correct, put by the team German and its audience. He missed the European experience at a continental return team thirteen years after his last participation.

The distress of Adrien Thomasson and Alexander Djiku, came to greet their supporters at the end of the meeting. (L.Argueyrolles / Team)

The fact of the match: Liénard cracked

It could be said that Strasbourg has fallen into the trap. Like Paciencia, Frankfurt players have sometimes rigged, sought to abuse the referee, who had trouble holding debates. And the people of Strasbourg cracked: on the ground, Liénard put his hand in Kohr's face, after being curtly tackled from behind by him. He was awarded a red card, against a yellow card for his opponent, and left the two teams to 10 against 10 while Strasbourg was in numerical superiority since the very end of the first period. The referee saw it and logically sanctioned it. On the other hand, Mr. Grinfeld missed Paciencia's nasty nudge in the belly of Djiku (31st) and could not be helped by the VAR, absent in C3. That too is a regret.

Player: Kamada, this poison

If the facts of the game were numerous, in the game, the qualification of Frankfurt is not open to discussion. The Germans were superior and the Japanese Kamada particularly harmed the Alsatian defenders. His presence in front of the goal pushes Mitrovic to intervene and put the ball at the bottom of his nets (26th). In the second half, his dribble clears Djiku, who commits the offense (his first error of the match). On the free kick (60) that follows, Kostic cleans the skylight. And, on the third goal, Kamada is in charge of overflowing Mitrovic to serve Da Costa (67th). In the first leg, he had been the most dangerous and had forced Sels to two high-class saves.

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