Estrosi unites France boldly for the launch of its campaign


The Mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi, August 30, 2019. – AFP

The program of the day on Friday for Christian Estrosi? : A political return to the appearance of campaign launch. The mayor LR of Nice has indeed reunited yesterday in seminar in the morning his moderate right movement La France Audacieuse. He then chained the evening with a popular banquet with a third municipal term in Nice. About 200 mayors, elected and local representatives from all over France, had made the trip, some still inscribed with the Republicans, like the mayor of Saint-Germain-en-Laye Arnaud Pericard or the Deputy Mayor of Bordeaux Stéphanie Givernaud, others break, like Luc Bouard mayor of La Roche-sur-Yon.

Who will have the nomination?

The participants worked on the themes of the authority of mayors, the environment and territorial solidarities and the engagement of women in public life, and about fifteen new proposals came to flesh out a booklet of about a hundred ideas. already gathered since 2017. Echoing the drama of Signes, the bold France supports the creation of a crime for wild deposits, instead of a simple contravention, and more generally, the increase in police powers of the environment of mayors. It is also proposed a reinforcement of video verbalization, the lowering of the penal majority to 16 years or the possibility of favoring local companies during public tenders.

Highlight of the day, the mayor's traditional feast on downtown lawns saw more than 6,000 paying diners. Flanked by many mayors who remained in Nice after their seminar, Christian Estrosi defended "his spirit of freedom" against his former right-hand man and possible opponent in 2020, MP LR Eric Ciotti, who could rob him of the nomination LR. "We do not administer a city in the name of a political apparatus (…) I will not accept that any party whatsoever tries to put our city under guardianship, Nice is a free city! ", he said.

Opponents accused of being "hateful" and "venomous"

Referring to a "tourist frequentation at the top", he painted an obviously flattering assessment of the transformations of his city during his two terms: "For 20 years, Nice had been a sleepy city, a tarnished jewel and what we did allowed us to take ten years in advance! ". For him, it is this success that makes his opponents "hateful" and "venomous": "Stop being bad players, join us! ", He said, inviting the audience to" be more mobilized than ever and to bulw (…) I was only the federator of all your energies, do not let you steal this report per person! ". What put the pressure on his party just before the summer school of LR that opens in La Baule today.

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