Eric Cantona: his speech surprised everyone in the draw of the Champions League (video)


A speech that would not have denied our Jean-Claude Van Damme national. Thursday night, after receiving the UEFA President's Award, the former footballer made a statement that puzzled the many spectators and commentators of the draw of the Champions League.

His prize in his hands, Eric Cantona cracked a quote from Shakespeare, taken from King Lear: "We are looking for boys, they are killing us for their sport". In French : "What flies are for mischievous children, we are for the gods: they kill us for their pleasure".

And the 53-year-old actor to continue: "Soon, science will not only be able to slow the aging of cells, it will also repair them and thus make us eternal, only accidents, crimes, wars would continue to kill us but unfortunately crimes and wars are going to happen. multiply."

"I like football", concluded Eric Cantona.


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