Egypt dominates Algeria and finishes in the final


The Egyptian men's handball team clinched the first ticket of the final after necking its Algerian counterpart 40 to 23 Wednesday at the Mohammed V sports complex, as part of the 12th African Games (August 19-31).
From the start, the Pharaohs, who had struggled to reach this stage of the competition by eliminating Nigerians 27-26 in the quarter-finals, did not make the same mistakes and rushed on the attack to complete the first period with a comfortable lead of 9 goals (21-12).

Yet Algerians had qualified more easily in the previous round after outclassing Guineans 33-18. Mails, they did not seem to have the same weapons to be able to shake up the hierarchy in front of more solid Egyptians both defensively and offensively and who have not dropped pace or serious despite their wide domination in the game and on the scoreboard.

And it is natural that they punched their ticket for the last corner leading to the gold medal, aggravating the score to 17 units of difference.

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