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Mohamed Gharé, governor of the Kankan region

Experts from Dakar are currently working to repair two Warsila generators at the Kankan Power Station. The repair of these two engines will not only prevent the theft of fuel, but especially meet the demand of young people in the city who demand improved power supply, reports the correspondent of Guineematin.com on the spot .

According to some sources, the two generators being repaired have a capacity of 1450 KW and they consume fuel oil. These groups alone provided power to the city of Kankan. But when they broke down, they were replaced by groups that consume fuel. A boon for the workers of the Kankan EDG plant, who have since committed theft of fuel to run the groups. As a result, power supply has declined sharply in the city.


This situation irritated the young people of Kankan. The latter have been mobilized for several weeks to demand the supply of electricity from 18 hours to 6 hours, on a regular basis. In default of this, the young people then ask for the pure and simple closure of the power station of the city. It is following a demand of the local youth, that this team of experts was sent from Senegal to try to put back the two old groups, broken down.

"Since the young people began to demand the current in Kankan, the president let me know that he cared a lot about the Kankan problem, he asked me to calm the young people. Since that day until today, he sent 6 generators. You know, it's the Warsila bands that were feeding Kankan before they broke down, now the technicians are there to troubleshoot them. The two groups will be added to the others who are already there, thank God we will have the current, "said the governor of the Kankan region, Mohamed Gharé.

According to Adjibou Diakité, supervisor of revision projects at EDG, the mission from Dakar will complete its work on 4 September. "We did not start work on August 18, so in principle, we must finish September 4 to connect the groups to the network. But first we have to evaluate the performance of the engines before connecting them to the grid, "he said.

Meanwhile, the young people of Kankan keep patience until the end of this work. But Oumar Fofana, one of them, announces that they will not back down to the satisfaction of their claim. "Today we can tell the people that we are fighting, and we will not back down until we win. We are decisive and categorical about our position and we demand the current from 6 pm to 6 am. Without that, we will always continue the fight, "promised the young man.

From Kankan, Abdoulaye N'koya SYLLA for Guineematin.com


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