Ed Sheeran announces a break in his musical career


This series of concerts, which began more than two years ago, has become the most lucrative in history, with revenues totaling 775.6 million US dollars, according to reports Forbes, beating a record set by U2.

In 893 days, Ed Sheeran performed in front of more than 9 million viewers in 46 countries and 175 cities, according to a message posted on the official Instagram account of the artist.

"This is my last concert for, probably, 18 months," said the singer on stage Monday.

He should take advantage of this pause in his career to spend time with his family, especially with the woman he married in 2018, according to what he said in an interview with various media over the past year.

The most recent album of the artist, No. 6 Collaborations Project, which contains collaborations with a large number of renowned artists, has been at the top of the charts since its release last July.

Plagiarism charges

However, legal proceedings against him could be detrimental to his peace during this downtime. It was recently learned that the payment of royalties for his piece Shape of You was suspended by a British court after a singer-songwriter accused him of plagiarism.

Sami Chokri says that the chorus of the song was copied to that of his song Oh Why, released in 2015. He says he sent the latter to the entourage of Ed Sheeran hoping to work with the British singer.

Ed Sheeran denies the accusations, reports the British media NME. A decision could be made in 2020.

This is not the only allegation of its kind to target the English artist. Among other cases, the heirs and heirs of the American soul singer Marvin Gaye accuse him of having plagiarized the song Let's Get It On to create his megasuccess Thinking Out Loud.

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