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To say that Jean-Hugues Ratenon is very interested in the sale of Vindémia is a euphemism. Since the announcement of the repurchase by the group GBH, the deputy Insoumis multiplies the appointments and meetings. After making a contribution to the OPMR (Observatory of prices, margins and revenues) during the session devoted to this file, the MP met the Competition Authority in Paris on August 14th. It asks the Constable of Competition to launch an audit mission with all stakeholders involved in the Meeting, once the file is officially filed with the Authority. He also alerted Bercy by mail because he believes that "the risk of harm to competition is real".

On Monday, Jean-Hugues Ratenon met the Make Distribution executives, who have to pick up four Jumbo jumps and pass them under the Inter Market brand Intermarché partner. He then spent a moment with staff representatives and consumer associations.

Yesterday, it was the turn of Stéphane Hayot, the general director of GBH to be invited to the parliamentary office of Saint-Benoît. During the meeting that lasted one hour, the leader repeated the commitments he made a few days ago: do not make a social plan, promote local hiring and preserve local production.

"Stéphane Hayot said his commitment to Reunion: we will see if he respects his commitments and translates them by deeds. For now, these are beautiful words, "says Jean-Hugues Ratenon. "In the face of these big groups, you have to be very careful. Our goal is to make every effort to enlighten the Competition Authority and not to undermine the economic balance of the island. That one actor buys everything is the opposite of what is needed for our territory. We would like other buyers to position themselves because Hayot is already very present in Reunion Island and not only in supermarkets. "


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