Dugarry "Neymar, the PSG should have whistled the end of the break for a long time"


In his show Team Duga from monday on RMC Sport, Christophe Dugarry has reservations about the management of the possible transfer of Neymar (27-year-old forward) For him, the leaders of Paris Saint-Germain should have completed the file much earlier.

"They wanted to be tough, but we had to set a date before the start of the championship. It's been a long time since they should have whistled the end of recess. It is not possible. (…) There is always a folder not clear, effective, square. Tuchel does not even know what to say in a press conference. (..) It's good to show the muscles, but it's nice to be clear too. There must be a clear club position, be firm. "

That this serial Neymar was long and tiring … Yes, the PSG should not be in this position, a week from the closing of the Mercato, with such a record to manage. But it is not easy either to let go of such a player, who was to bring Paris Saint-Germain to the roof of Europe. No doubt the leaders thought they could convince him to stay. It was not so and faced with the will of the player to join the FC Barcelona, ​​the departure of Neymar Jr becomes unavoidable.

Di Meco "I would not like to be in their shoes. "

The other presenter of the show, Eric Di Meco, has a more lenient opinion towards the PSG.

"I would not like to be in their shoes. Whatever you do, you will be criticized. You let go because he wants … but you can not be a pigeon. I am rather indulgent on this case. In addition, I have the impression that the two Spanish clubs (Barça and Real Madrid, ed), who supposedly were interested, are not quite honest. "

Do not get out of this folder.

Now there is the question of his replacement. Very few players have Neymar's level when he is fit. It's a truth, the Brazilian changes the face of a team. The challenge for Paris is now to make the best possible financial outlay to strengthen the team in key positions. Finally, if Paris recovers a player like Nelson Semedo (25-year-old back) or Dembélé (22-year-old forward), plus a sum of money allowing him to finalize files as the goalkeeper (Keylor Navas, 32) and a striker (Paulo Dybala, 25, or Mauro Icardi, 26), we can honestly say that PSG is doing well. Let us trust Leonardo and wait until the outcome of the case.

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