Drugs: International Day for the Prevention of Overdoses August 31, 2019


The thematic associations involved in reducing the risks of HIV infection and HCV infection among people who use drugs, the AIDS Control Association (ALCS), the RDR Morocco Association and the Hasnouna Association celebrate August 31, 2019 the International Day for Overdose Prevention.

"This celebration – which is part of our harm reduction activities with people who use drugs (PUD) and advocacy for the rights of these people and the drug policies that stigmatize them – fits into national and international actions, such as the action "Support, Do not Punish", reads in a statement of the national offices of the ALCS, the RDR Morocco Association and the Hasnouna Association.

It is also a mobilization against drug policies that stigmatize the PUDs and hinder their right to health, according to an inclusive health approach based on the respect of the universal principles of the human rights, the document continues.

"Our associations are celebrating this international day of mobilization, raising awareness of the seriousness of overdoses and limiting the resulting deaths, which remain avoidable if policies to combat the stigmatization and marginalization of PUDs are adopted", adds .

The United Nations Anti-Drug and Crime Organization (UNODC) reports that there were 585,000 overdose deaths worldwide in 2017. These deaths could be prevented by administering a "Naloxone" antidote drug. emergency on the places of consumption. The availability of this antidote helps reduce overdose-related mortality by 12%, according to the paper

On the occasion of this event, the three associations sound the alarm and "deplore the lack of data on the number of deaths related to overdoses in Morocco, while data from the field show that this number is not negligible at the level of the northern regions, "reads in the communiquee.

Following the launch of an international consultation by the Department of Health's Department of Epidemiology and Disease Control with the participation of various stakeholders in the subject, some northern cities have been supplied with the antidote drug "Naloxone". Nevertheless, the field teams report the difficult access to this antidote in risk reduction centers, since it was deposited and stored in health delegations in several cities, the source said.

Thus, the three assituations claim "rationalization of the management of this subject while applying the recommendations of the aforementioned consultation and we (civil society)", requesting the development of tools and systems allowing the collection of data on the causes of death related to overdoses, the training and awareness of all stakeholders such as health staff, community workers on the subject of overdoses (diagnosis, prevention and care), and the revision of the supply and dispensing system of the antidote "Naloxone", for a better accessibility and reduction of the mortality related to overdoses.

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