Dossier Neymar: the revelations of Leonardo


Will leave, will not leave. As the transfer window closes on Monday night, Neymar is still a Paris Saint-Germain player. However, FC Barcelona is forcing to try to recover before the outcome of this summer market. Following the match against Metz, won by Paris SG on the score of two goals to zero, Leonardo, the Paris sports director, made a media outing in the mixed zone to explain the state of negotiations.

" The first time we had an official written proposal from Barcelona was on August 27th. Just five days from the end of the transfer window. We were open to talking about their players to do the operation and after that we never had a written agreement afterwards. Today we asked them what we wanted and there is no agreement. I do not know if there will be an agreement, it depends on them. We thought of a deadline, but we are three days from the end of the transfer window, there is a natural deadline. That's why we try to understand. I see that there is no agreement, we have been opened. We are three days from the end of the transfer window ", Then recited the Brazilian.

" Everyone in the negotiation knows our position "

Leonardo then detailed what was happening and most importantly, he stayed straight in his boots. He explained a lot of things and above all others to explain that FC Barcelona knew exactly what wanted the club francilien champion of France in title and had never acceded to the requirements of Paris to yield Neymar. " Everyone in the negotiation knows our position. The clubs made operations early in the transfer window, after that it was more difficult to afford. Which Barça players do we want? No that's not it. Barça makes a proposal and we accept or we do not accept ", He then told the media before detailing the position of Neymar, but also the complicated relationship that exists with the Paris club.

" This is not the most quiet relationship that exists "

" His position was clear and ours too. We have been clear, if a proposal comes and we like it, he will be able to leave. This is not the case. He is under contract with us and so far this is not the case. Everyone in the negotiation knows our position. The condition of his departure is linked, because there was no club that had the money to buy it, it was to have substitute names and other players to complete the amount. We were open to that and we looked at the squad, the players we liked or not He continued, then praised the player and the man Neymar.

" Neymar is an extraordinary player. As I said, I did not know him, I had never seen him. Over time, I appreciate his way of being, he's a good boy. He has lived many things. He is very well known and important. It's important that a player like that is important. After that one must have a relationship to get the best of it. After, today we tell the truth, it is not the most quiet relationship that exists. We have a complicated relationship, things have happened, we have to settle, to speak. We opened the door on his departure, but on conditions that never happened ", Concluded Leonardo on this subject.

Leonardo also evokes Dembélé

Finally, Leonardo also returned to the case of Ousmane Dembélé. The Frenchman, who had replaced Neymar at FC Barcelona two years ago, was named to fill Thomas Tuchel's squad. However, the former Rennes and Borussia Dortmund has indicated, via his agent and on many occasions, that he wanted to win in Catalonia and was totally against returning to the Hexagon. Leonardo thinks he knows why.

" Honestly on Dembélé, he knew he had to leave on the 27th so it's complicated. We have no trouble, we had reactions, even public reactions, but we did not agree with Barça to know whether the player agrees or not. We never had a formal written agreement with Barcelona. If we had that, we would have said "well, ok, we'll see with him if he agrees" Leonardo dropped. The hours and days ahead are likely to be lively. Finally, if and only if FC Barcelona decides to return to the charge before Monday night midnight.

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