Donald Trump plans to exploit the largest forest in the United States


The US President is very interested in the Tongass National Forest (Alaska), protected for twenty years. According to the Washington Post, Donald Trump has put pressure on his Minister of Agriculture to end the restrictions and develop projects for forestry, energy or mining.

While fires still ravage the Amazon, Donald Trump works for projects to exploit the largest forest in the United States. According to information from Washington Post, the US president has asked his Minister of Agriculture to put an end to the restrictions imposed for twenty years on the Tongass National Forest.

Globally, it is one of the largest tropical temperate rainforests kept in the wild. Located in southern Alaska, its extent is 69,000 km2. Populated by protected species, one can also observe there old spruce trees, cedars but also of rivers where the salmon runs. Such a decision would affect more than half of the forest kept intact until now. Forestry, energy or mining projects will be made possible.

A map representing the Tongass National Forest (Alaska) | WIKIMEDIA COMMONS.

A subject debated for years

For years, politicians have fought over the fate of Tongass. President Bill Clinton banned more than half of the logging just days before leaving office in 2001. In particular, road construction was prohibited in some areas.

According to the local authorities, the areas protected by these road constructions prevent the development of economic activities. Figures released by the Washington Post indicate that the wood sector provides only a small fraction of jobs in Southeast Alaska – just under 1%. It is well behind fishing and tourism. If Trump's plan is completed by the end of the year, it can affect 3.8 million hectares of forest.

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Donald Trump plans to exploit the largest forest in the United

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