Donald Trump imposes a 15% tax on smartphones made in China


Donald Trump will impose a 15% tax on all smartphones made in China from December 15, 2019. In the process, the President of the United States also announced an increase in the tax on other electronic objects imported from China from from the first of September. The iPhone, MacBook, iPad and Apple Watch are particularly concerned.

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In early August, Donald Trump announced the introduction of a tax of 10% on $ 300 billion of goods and products imported from China from September 1, 2019. Smartphones made in China and imported to the United States. United, including the iPhone, were concerned. Eventually, the Trump government decided to exclude the smartphones, PCs, computer monitors and consoles goods produced in China from the September tax. For these products, the tax is deferred until December 15, 2019.

Donald Trump increases the tax on smartphones made in China by 5%

Unfortunately for Apple and hundreds of other companies, Donald Trump has decided to raise the tax on products imported from China. In response to taxes imposed by China on US products, the leader increases by 5% taxes that will be implemented in the coming months. As of September 1, 2019, desktops, headphones and other accessories will be taxed at 30% instead of 25%. And from December 15, 2019, smartphones, PCs and consoles will have to pay a 15% tax. The Trump administration quickly confirmed the president's statement in a statement.

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Many companies have been quick to influence Donald Trump's decisions. 160 professional federations, including groups like Nike, believe that customs taxes will affect American consumers and may cause an economic recession. "There is no doubt that these tariffs are like a hidden tax paid by Americans and their families" regret the firms. Donald Trump did not want to respond to requests from companies.

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