Donald Trump cancels his presidential trips


As Hurricane Dorian approaches the US coast on Monday, September 2, the US president has cleaned up his agenda. Donald Trump cancels trip to Poland and sends vice president (Mike Pence, Editor's note) in its place. We are in an election period and Florida is crucial for re-election. And then the president has personal ties and it is said that Dorian could touch his private residence in Mar-a-Lago, near Miami "says Agnès Vahramian, live from Washington (United States).

Above all, Donald Trump has learned the lesson of 2005. After Hurricane Katrina, George W. Bush takes five days to get there and is experiencing a very violent controversy. Moreover, since Thursday, August 29, the US President continues to publish on his Twitter account protection and safety instructions. "He has become somehow the first 'rescuer' of America threatened by Dorian"concludes Agnes Vahramian.

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