Djokovic will "chase" a spectator – US Open


It is known Novak Djokovic can fart a cable easily. That's what happened on Friday. While her day should have been calm, she was sprinkled with little worries. Announced at 17H for his warm-up, the Serb initially confirmed that he would be on the court at 18H, then 19h, to finally arrive at 19H40 thus raising the rumor of a possible abandonment related to his injury to the 'left shoulder. Worse, during this training, as reported this morning Quentin Moynet of theTeam he was invoked by a spectator explaining that he had better give up right away. There, the Serb entered a black rage and demanded that this disrupter be evacuated immediately while telling him: "I will find you again". Hot atmosphere that fell a little during his match where he had no major problems to dominate his opponent Denis Kudla in three sets. Some will say that the Serb does too much, you are left to judge.

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