DJ Arafat's funeral: People arrested with cannabis and knives, one injured


The police and security forces committed to securing the various sites hosting the funeral of DJ Arafat died Monday, August 12 from a motorcycle accident have made large catches including individuals in possession of cannabis and knives. The police also record a wounded person.

With several police and security forces deployed on the various assembly sites as part of the funeral of DJ Arafat whose artistic vigil takes place since Friday, August 30, 2019 at the Stade Felix Houphouet-Boigny, individuals were arrested with knives and cannabis.

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According to the National Police which publishes the information on its Facebook page, "two individuals going to the funeral of the artist DJ Arafat were arrested on a motorcycle with cannabis in their possession". It is during the various security checks, explains the Directorate General of the National Police (DGPN) that these indelicates were taken with in their possession "several bags of alcohol on a fan".

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Another individual, according to the DGPN, "was arrested at the entrance to the Stade Felix Houphouet-Boigny because he was carrying a knife." Another fact recorded by the police, "in a state of euphoria, a fan, probably forgetting the environment in which he finds himself, threw himself from a platform of turn B. He was caught in Charged by firefighters and evacuated to the hospital to receive the care required by his state of health.

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For the time being, apart from these incidents, no other serious incidents have been recorded by law enforcement and security forces. The police invited the "participants in this ceremony to watch his neighbor and report him to the agents who ensure the security of the premises, to prevent people of bad intentions spoil the tribute to the artist." Also, she invites "each participant to restraint, calm and compliance with safety instructions."

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