DJ Arafat's artistic vigil: Why the stadium is not yet full


The stadium Felix Houphouet-Boigny is full 2/3 to 16 hours on Friday, August 30 where we were there. More than 20 000 "Chinese" who have completed the formalities and past the many security checkpoints are in the various stands to follow the last tribute to DJ Arafat before burial the next Saturday, August 31.

In Plateau, discipline is required and security controls to access the Stade Felix Houphouet-Boigny are numerous. At least more than a hundred policemen, gendarmes and soldiers were committed to secure the artistic vigil in tribute to DJ Arafat this Friday.

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In the Plateau where several businesses, services, administrations and other institutions have closed, there is a beautiful atmosphere with "Chinese" dancing and singing to the glory of their "president" to the sound of many pieces of DJ Arafat .

With a very smooth traffic, it is still difficult for a "Chinese" to have immediate access to the stadium. The first obstacle is to be able to pass the first safety checkpoints. After, be searched by the police to neutralize any blunt and metallic object. Whether on the lagoon platform side, war memorial, National Assembly, difficult to easily access the stadium.

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"Since 10 o'clock this morning, we are there and have not yet been able to access the stadium," laments a "Chinese". Just like her, still thousands of fans are still stuck in the ranks waiting to cross the stadium entrance. The police forces who want to fill compartment by compartment bring people into office.

Thus, there is the tribune side monument to the dead who records during our passage entries. Those fans who were to other entrances were redirected by the tribune side monument to the dead. Hundreds of fans have decided to stay either at the Sorbonne or Sotra station where they follow through the giant screens the retransmission of the Rti.

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The official part with the various speeches is scheduled to start from 19 hours. In the meantime, this is the first part that started with the performances of local artists before seeing around 10 pm the international artists including Koffi Olomide, Davido, Fally Ipupa, Vegedream, Keblack, Dadju, J. Martins, Extra Musica , Sidiki Diabate, Tenor ….

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