DJ Arafat Forever: The time of the painful separation


Deceased on Monday, August 12, 2019 following a motorcycle accident, DJ Arafat was buried on Saturday, August 31, 2019 at 08:40 am at the Williamsville Cemetery.

Difficult this last step of the separation. Between emotions, sadness, tears, standing ovation and songs to the glory of Daishikan, DJ Arafat was carried to earth. Inconsolable are his fans, relatives and members of the family of DJ Arafat who will have to make the idea that they will not see the artist any more.

More than 30,000 fans accompanied him to his last home where he rests forever. Before DJ Arafat's coffin was taken to the tomb, his grandmother delivered a moving testimony. "My boy brought everyone together, I saw the reconciliation of the Ivorians. He tied his life to despised youth, he made himself the friend of the poor. He told me that he was misunderstood and I told him that it is because you are a spirit and that if he is so hated, it is because he is not part of this world, "testified Ms. Dandi Lou, DJ Arafat's grandmother.

She also revealed that, as if seeing her death, he insisted that she come to see him in Abidjan. Her room had been set up and she had promised to pick her up at the airport. "He kept asking me to pray for him," she says, adding that she will continue her work of helping disadvantaged social groups. "I will finish what you started," she translated before praying for the repose of her grandson's soul. "May the Ivorian land that saw you born be light to you! She finished.

DJ Arafat's children touched their father's coffin for the last time and then, under religious chants, DJ Arafat was buried.

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