Discovering the seabed at Les Escoumins


The region of Les Escoumins is already famous for the observation of marine mammals. Parks Canada also wants to encourage visitors to become interested in organisms that live deeper in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, says Angelle Rodrigue, Visitor Experience Manager at Parks Canada.

People do not expect to see such colorful things, to see so much diversitysays Rodrigue, adding that the seabed off Escoumins are ideal for making beautiful observations.

The underwater fauna.

The Escoumins region is ideal for underwater observations, says Parks Canada.

Photo: Parks Canada / L. Falardeau

According to Ms. Rodrigue, this year's must-attend activities include the St. Lawrence live at night.

During this, divers will broadcast live on giant screens their underwater observation during the night.

It is possible to communicate with the divers and see live all the beauties of the seabedsays Rodrigue.

A Nordic snorkeling activity is also organized for the curious ones who are ready to get wet without having to wear diving breathing apparatus.

For the less adventurous, the observation of underwater organisms in basins on the surface is offered.

The full program of the festival is available on the Facebook page of the event.

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