Discover the singer Denique in 5 questions


1 – You played in Prague, Los Angeles, Hong Kong. What do you attribute to your recent success?

I think these are my costumes! Before I wore jeans and a t-shirt flat. I had the same talent, the same voice, and I always played the violin in the same way, but I still had an idea of ​​a character I wanted to be on stage.

I found in society, with social networks, that there was a connection between artists and branding ". I have seen that the most successful artists are those who create expectations for viewers.

Denic wearing a large geometric shape around his neck.

Denique believes that image is important for an artist to stand out.

Photo: Facebook: Denique

I wondered what I could bring to the audience and I decided to create costumes.

2- You make your own costumes, what inspires you?

Most of my ideas come to me when I'm cycling. I think of an object or an animal and it gives me inspiration.

When I have a creative idea, I see it very precisely in my head and the end result is identical to what I imagined. I know that some artists have ideas and that the result is completely different. For my part, I see it clearly and I work to obtain the same image.

A makeup man posing next to a mirror in a photo studio.

The artist Denique Leblanc is known for his eccentric costumes.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Alexandre Milette-Gagnon

I had no basis in sewing. I started making costumes " crazy With geometric shapes, not because I knew what I was doing, but rather because I did not know how to make suits tailored to my body. I saw that there was a theme and I continued to play with these big forms.

3- Would you say that the costume is as important as the music?

It depends on what you want to do. Basically, I am a musician and it will always be like that. I have been working with musician Jeremy Costa in Montreal for years and we always start with music for all our projects.

At the level of marketing and the creation of a universe that makes people dream, the visual counts a lot!

Denique on stage in Vancouver

Denique has carved an important place in the gay community. He participates in several LGBT events around the world.

Photo: Facebook: Denique

Both are important to me. Obviously, I want the music to be good. Some people think that I'm only dressing extravagantly, but I'm a musician first and foremost, costumes come next.

Did you know ?

Denique is a great autodidact. He likes to explore alone and learn from his mistakes.

He started producing music, without training, with the software Garage Band and Logic Pro X.

He plays several instruments including the piano and the violin. He knows how to play the guitar, the harp, and even learned to play trumpet in high school.

4- Last spring, you received the East Coast Music Award for best electronic music recording. What did this recognition bring you?

I was not excpecting that at all. After years living in Halifax without success, I felt that Eastern Canada had forgotten or rejected me as an artist.

Denique Leblanc smiles at the camera, armed with his new trophy.

Denique Leblanc was the winner of the best electronic music recording at the East Coast Music Association Gala in Charlottetown.

Photo: Provided by Michel Lalonde

I have always loved my project, I was not looking for validation, but it is sure that the validation of a professional organization is incredible.

Receiving support from the East Coast Music Awards was a big moment in my career. Being recognized for what I create with my computer and my voice, it has changed the way I see music and my career path.

5- The shows you will present at World Pride of New York next week will be the last of your tour Shape 1. AAre there other projects in mind?

From September to January I will work on my next album. I do not want to give too many details, but it will be incredible, I can not wait!

I love my album Shape 1but it's time to put it behind me. This year has been amazing, I'm happy with the opportunities that Shape 1 gave me, but I want to continue to create new things for the public.

I have another project that will be launched well before that, I can simply say that it will be in another universe, with a completely different team, it will be different from all that I did.

Denique will be performing on August 30 at the Aberdeen Cultural Center and will be part of the Pride Show presented on August 31 at Riverain Park in Moncton.

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