Discover Khate, the first trans woman in the history of Occupation Double


Julie Snyder had promised us diversity for the all-new grind ofDouble Occupancy South Africa and she did not lie!

At the unveiling of 21 new candidates this morning at the Casino de Montréal (only 6 have their place assured until now), we got to know the pretty khate, the first trans woman in the history ofDouble occupation: the young woman is also one of the 7 candidates who may be part of the great novelty of this season, the 3rd house.

Moreover, if you want to enter the adventure, you can already vote for it because with a public vote, 2 participants will have the privilege to enter directly into the 3rd house ofDouble occupation, without having to undergo the stressful selection of the red carpet!

Here's everything you need to know about khate:

khate is 23 years old and comes from Amos in Abitibi-Témiscamingue! She is a speaker and beneficiary worker! Through her conferences, she shares her experience and her career with young people who have questions about their sexual identity!

She is the first trans woman in the history ofOD! She goes elsewhere to Double occupation to break taboos as well as to meet open-minded guys, who may have a personality a little less strong than his own!

If she is caught in the adventure, she does not intend to reveal to the other candidates that she is trans! Lips are sealed! It's a secret!

khate YouTube channel and has just announced the news to its followers, whom she admits to having abandoned for some time!

"I'm really not worried about the adventure, the team is 100% on my side and we arrange for everything to go well. This is a first in Quebec I believe, a first in all reality shows in Quebec … I will not hide it, I really did not know if it would play my advantage or not to go audition for OD. First, it's clear that I'm not the slimmest gang, really not, secondly I have a penis and thirdly I'm a trans woman! So I really think that this year is the good one and I can not wait to live this with you!"

It says "SHIT" !!!

psssst! Discover the 21 candidates ofDouble Occupancy South Africa just here!

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