"disagree today" with Barcelona for the transfer of Neymar (Leonardo)


Paris sports director SG Leonardo, at the forefront of negotiations with Barcelona for the transfer of his superstar Neymar, said on Friday that there was still "no agreement" with the Catalan club, three days from the end mercato.
"Today, there is no agreement I do not know (if there will be an agreement before Monday night, Ed) It depends on Barcelona.We have been open to talk. "It has always been said that he can leave if a proposal that satisfies us comes in. This is not the case," said the Brazilian leader.

"Our position has always been clear, they always knew what we wanted, the first time we had a written proposal from Barcelona was on August 27. We were open to talk to other players to "But we never had a written agreement on our conditions," continued "Leo" in a rare speech after the victory in Metz (2-0).

The serial of the transfer of the "Ney", the most expensive player in history bought EUR 222 million by the PSG in 2017, has kept the football world in suspense for months. If he has announced his intention to return to Catalonia, the Brazilian is still on stand-by in the capital, waiting for a deal between the two clubs.

"This relationship (between the PSG and Neymar, Ed) today is not the most quiet relationship that exists, we opened the possibility of his departure only to our conditions, which never happened", explained Leonardo.

-"nothing planned"-

The press on both sides of the Pyrenees talked about meetings between the leaders of Barcelona and Paris, but also their stumbling blocks, particularly on the players who could serve as bargaining chips.

"The truth is that there is no club that has the money to buy it (Neymar, Ed.) The condition of his departure is always linked to finding a replacement, and maybe to be other players to complete the amount required.We were open to that, "clarified the leader.

One of the challenges of the negotiations would be to convince Barça winger Ousmane Dembele to want to return to France, but the world champion would be reluctant to leave Spain.

"In relation to Dembélé, he knew he had to leave on the 27th, it's more complicated, we do not have a no, a yes, there are public reactions, but we did not have agree with Barcelona whether the player agrees or not.If the club does not agree, why talk with the players who are included in the negotiation? ", he swept.

Leonardo, who confirmed that Barcelona was the only candidate for Neymar, added that no meeting "was scheduled" this weekend, without ensuring that the brilliant N.10 will still be at the club for the resumption of Ligue 1 September 14 against Strasbourg. The telenovela of the summer is not over yet …

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