Developed by Germans, this blood test could one day predict the date of your death



What if an ordinary blood test could predict the date of your death? Inconceivable, is not it? And yet, it could become a reality in the near future! Explanations.

German researchers are currently working on a project, the scope of which could forever change our relationship to life.

Grouped together at the Max-Planck Institute in Cologne, Germany, these aging biology scientists have developed a blood test that will ultimately predict deaths.

If, at first glance, this seems unlikely or impossible, these researchers claim to be able to establish the threshold of vulnerability of people to the main factors of death, thus predicting their date of death, with however a certain margin of error .

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The project is still experimental, but scientists have reason to believe that it will succeed.

For 17 years, they conducted an experiment on 44,168 people aged 18 to 109 years, and managed to predict the approximate date of death of these in 80% of cases.

Scientists have focused most of their research on 14 biomarkers present in our blood, including glucose levels, fats or immunity. These are all parameters that can potentially be associated with a high risk of death.

If we refer to the first conclusions that these researchers published in the scientific journal Nature Communications, a simple blood sample could therefore determine a date of death, in a period of 5 to 10 years, however.

" We have shown that the accuracy of the prediction of mortality within five to ten years, based on a model containing the identified biomarkers and sex, was better than that of a model containing conventional risk factors for mortality. ", Reads this way in the study.

But that the seers are reassured, their crystal balls still have good days in front of them, researchers indeed recognize that they will still need to continue their work in order to obtain a reliable test and without margin of error.

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