De Bruyne opens the scoring after 1 minute against Brighton de Trossard, Tielemans gives the advantage to Leicester


Red Devils

The Red Devil did not wait to register his first goal of the season.

Opposed to promoted Brighton, Manchester City did not waste his time to lead the score. After less than a minute of play, Kevin De Bruyne victoriously took a David Silva center at the entrance of the small rectangle leaving no chance for Mathew Ryan, goalkeeper of the Seaguls.

De Bruyne made a thunderous start to the championship, having reached the 50 assists mark in the Premier League in just 123 games, which is a new record for precocity. After a season partly spoiled by injury, the 2019-2020 season is well on course to become a grand cru for the Gantois.

At the same time, Yuri Tielemans, aligned in the middle of the game, scored the Foxes' second goal against Bournemouth. This goal allowed Leicester to regain the advantage. This is also the first goal of the season for the 22-year-old Red Devil.

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