Cyril Hanouna threatened by one of his new recruits!


Starting Monday, September 2nd, Touche Pas À Mon Poste will be back on C8 at 6:30 pm with new faces. And among them, the radio host, Jordan De Luxe. "I've been running for five years after Cyril Hanouna," he said, "I do not think so many people have done so much, and sometimes I thought, 'But you're crazy!'"

If his dream finally materializes, he does not intend to be the scapegoat of the program. "Pretentious and haughty people make me hystericalhe assured. I do not accept being belittled. In my head, everyone is at the same level. The other thing I can not stand is the people of the city who make fun of the people in the country. I come from a small village in Brittany, next to Rennes. I do not frequent Parisian social life, even if I know it. In fact, my last name De Luxe is a joke!"

Moreover, he goes on to say: "If in TPMP we want to revive me bits of my childhood (he was a victim of harassment at school, ed), it's not going to do it. But I'm angry, I'll say it. Especially if it's something that makes my parents sad, especially my mother. His opinion counts enormously ", did he declare.

Concerning the chroniclers with whom the exchanges could be tense: It evokes the name of Matthieu Delormeau. "If I have things to say to him, I will not interfere to do it on the air." And that of "Gilles Verdez, because I do not always share his opinion."

The entire interview is to be found in the last issue of Public in your kiosks.

France 2 forbids Pierre-Jean Chalençon to join TPMP

The bosses of France 2 would have told the collector of Affaire Conclue, they did not want him to join the team of Cyril Hanouna. "I took note of their wish, even if I am very surprised because I have no exclusive contract with France 2 (…) is the production, Warner, my boss", has he says to Jean-Marc Morandini's blog. If he has not yet left France Televisions for C8 and TPMP, discussions are underway. "So we talked a lot with Cyril Hanouna and Lionel Stan, the general manager of H20 Productions, and we have agreed for the moment that I will continue to be invited on the set, as has been the case on many occasions throughout the season. last, and of course I will go with great pleasure. "

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