Cultural exploration touring Morocco and Montreal


Cultural exploration touring Morocco and Montreal

The show "An exploration of Arab and Francophone cultures in sounds and shows" will be presented during a tour of Morocco and Montreal. It will leave on September 3 in Tangier. It will stop on September 4 in Fez, September 5 in Rabat, September 6 in Marrakech, September 7 in Essaouira and September 8 in Casablanca. Montreal appointments are set for September 26 and 27, respectively. The first date in Canada being devoted to a conference. This show is part of the Québec-Maroc official cooperation projects of the Quebec government, Ambiances Ambiguës and shouc-shouc in Quebec, in partnership with the Moroccan production company 3ZEM.

According to the initiators, this is a new collaboration, which will be launched in September, between the groups Bronze (Nadia Essadiqi and Francis Brisebois), Wake Island (Nadim Maghzal and Philippe Manasseh) and Mobydick. As the same source explains, the unveiling of this work in Quebec will take place within the framework of the Pop Montreal International Music Festival. According to the organizers, the result of this collaboration "is a musical and linguistic analysis of the plurality of Arab origins and the influences of the Francophonie on them". According to the same source, this project was made possible by financial support, among others, from the Quebec Office in Rabat, as well as from the Government of Canada.

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