Confusion around the date of the abolition of the housing tax


On Friday, the Minister of Public Accounts said that the end of the housing tax for all would take place in 2022. Several members of the government had recently mentioned a deletion in 2023. Explanations.

For taxpayers, it is to understand nothing: will the housing tax disappear before or after the presidential election? On this sensitive issue, the government seems in shambles and even within Bercy, ministers do not seem to agree between them. The confusion goes back to June when, confirming an announcement by the Prime Minister, the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire declared that the total abolition of the tax of housing would take place in 2023. He then contradicted his colleague Gérald Darmanin, who said two months ago that this flagship measure of the five-year Emmanuel Macron would take place in 2022.

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Since then, the Minister of Action and Public Accounts has contradicted himself in recent days. While last August 22, he announced in a tweet the definitive cancellation of the tax in 2023, with "more than 24 million French households (…) concerned," the former mayor of Tourcoing has given the date. ..2022, this Friday morning at the microphone of RTL. Contacted by Le FigaroMatignon refutes any hiccups and says the timetable "has been clear since the prime minister's policy speech." "2022 is the last year that the French will pay their housing tax and in 2023, they will pay more," says one in the entourage of Édouard Philippe. A version confirmed by the entourage of Gérald Darmanin. In other words, the housing tax will be removed in 2023. What the statement of Gerald Darmanin on RTL – "all French will have their housing tax abolished for 2022" – does not imply. In an attempt to clarify the subject, the Minister posted a tweet (see below) in the middle of the day.

An umpteenth hesitation that casts a shadow on this issue oh so delicate for the government. This is not the first time the executive has changed the date for the end of the housing tax: in September 2017, there was talk of 2020 and 2021 last May. Why so many contradictions?

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This measure could earn the latter 1200 euros on average against 600 euros for the 80% of the most modest households, according to the government. In addition, constraints on public finances could force the executive to review its copy to avoid a surge in public debt.

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