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Serious Friday night, Paris Saint-Germain has logically imposed on the lawn of Metz (2-0) opening the fourth day of Ligue 1. Di Maria and Choupo-Moting have scored the two goals in Paris.


Di Maria opened the scoring for PSG (0-1, 11th)

Without forcing, the Paris Saint-Germain has won a first success outside this season on the pitch of Metz (2-0), this Friday night, during the first match of the 4th day of Ligue 1. Priv many elements, the club of the capital has the essential.

A PSG not flamboyant but effective

Paris Saint-Germain did not wait very long to open the score in this part. After only ten minutes of play, Fofana mowed Bernat in the box and Schneider did not hesitate to point to the penalty spot. Put in failure in the exercise against Toulouse (4-0) Sunday, Di Maria did not fail this time to register his second goal of the season in L1 (0-1, 11th).

Behind, PSG was struggling to get opportunities to break despite his domination and the meeting was interrupted for two minutes for a banner judge offensive. Finally, it was the Grenats who were getting dangerous opportunities thanks to a stirring Fofana full of nerve. But Paris scored just before the break with a header from Choupo-Moting on a free kick (0-2, 43).

Serious Parisians

In the second period, the Messins took a little more risk to try to reduce the cart. But faced a team Parisian very serious, the locals could not get many opportunities. Boulaya alerted Bulka about a dangerous free-kick which was passing by shortly. Finally, Metz has never really been able to move very concentrated Parisians until the final whistle. Bulka was still a fright on a hit Gakpa hit, but without consequences.

With this success, the PSG temporarily takes the head of the standings pending the other matches of the weekend. The Parisians seem to rise a notch physically and provide the essential by getting three points outside despite many absences. As a reminder, Diallo, Kehrer, Herrera, Draxler, Mbapp and Cavani are all the infirmary.

The note of the match: 5/10

In the first period, the Paris SG did not deliver a great performance but it was able to be effective to concretize its domination with two goals. We can not all be said to have been in the first act. After the break, the Parisians have rather calmly their advantage against a team valiant Messina but unable to worry Bulka. An average match overall.

The goals :

– On a penalty, Di Maria adjusts Oukidja, left on his right, a shot from the left (0-1, 11th).

– Verratti takes a free-kick on the right side and looks for Choupo-Moting's head, ahead of Boye to adjust Oukidja with a smashed header (0-2, 43 ').

NOTES of the players

Maxifoot gave a rating (out of 10) comments on each player.

The man of the match: Marco Verratti (7.5 / 10)

We feel the Italian in great form at the beginning of the season. Afft physically and very focused on the field, the middle has delivered a very good match. Little by the opposition midfielder, the Italian has played his own way by guiding the game with intelligence and with great accuracy. Defensively, he also formed a very interesting duet with Gueye. His free kick on the head of Choupo-Moting allows PSG to make the break before the break.


Alexandre Oukidja (4,5): finally not very worried by the Parisians, the goalkeeper messin must bow a first time on penalty, then a second before the break on a head of Choupo-Moting. In the second period, he pushes a shot Di Maria.

Thomas Delaine (4.5): The left side of the city, Messin, has had a hard time managing the Dagba mountains in his corridor. A match not obvious dfensively.

John Boye (4): the central defender is at fault on the second goal in Paris. He is not well placed to prevent Choupo-Moting from scoring.

Stopilla Sunzu (5): The former Sochalian was solidly behind. He won 17 balls in this match, no other player in his team has done as well.

Fabien Centonze (5): Difficult in his corridor in the first period, he had a lot of trouble with Di Maria. A little better in the second period, he made a particular breakthrough in the middle of Paris to offer a real ball Nguette goal.

Mamadou Fofana (3): evening complicated for him. He conceded the penalty that allowed PSG to open the scoring on a foul foul, then he posted a lot of nervosit then. Replaces the 59th by Victorian Angban (not not).

Habib Maga (5): he bit into Parisian feet to scrape balloons. Behind, he is often interesting looking to play quickly forward to launch the counters messins.

Renaud Cohade (4): the captain messin had a lot of trouble exist in this game. He could have been decisive in the first period if Marquinhos had not rejected his dangerous center in front of goal. Replace the 70th by Marvin Gakpa (not not).

Opa N'Guette (4): the Metz winger did not hesitate to help in the corridors. Offensively, his match was more complicated with a lot of bad choices on the rare moves.

Habib Diallo (5): his first period was very interesting. His calls and his catch of ball allowed him to be found several times in dangerous position. He only missed the precision in the last gesture to find the frame.

Farid Boulaya (4): not very successful in the first period, he brought a little more after the break. He was dangerous on a free kick in the second period, then on a shot by Bulka. Replace the 82nd by Ibrahima Niane (not not).


Marcin Bulka (5): preferred Areola, waited at Real Madrid for a change with Navas, the young goalkeeper played his first match with PSG. Difficult to judge tonight since he did not have many stops to do. He is still frightened by letting a ball pass under his belly, but he showed the character with a good catch of the ball on the corner that followed.

Juan Bernat (6): still very available in his left lane, the Spanish side gets the penalty that allows PSG to open the scoring. A serious match.

Thiago Silva (6): the Paris captain delivered a sober match. He offers himself an opportunity before the break on a head blocked by Oukidja. He was serene in his interventions and precise in the revival.

Marquinhos (6): The author of a saving header on a Cohade center early in the match, the Brazilian was put in difficulty twice by Diallo in the first period. He has recovered well and makes a good copy.

Colin Dagba (6): the young right side was very enterprising on his side. He did not hesitate regularly to provide support offensively. To note a big return in front of Nguette in its surface in second period.

Marco Verratti (7.5): read the comment above. Replaces the 81st by Layvin Kurzawa (not not).

Idrissa Gueye (7): come to PSG to bring more to the position of sentinel, the Senegalese did what is expected of him by scratching many balloons. He was precious in the midfield and his agreement with Verratti is promising. Offensively, he can do better on a head that bounces off the crossbar in the first period.

Adil Aouchiche (5): surprise holder in the middle, the young Parisian tried to be mobile to make himself available. But he was generally little researched by his teammates and he lost 13 balloons. Replace the 64th by Leandro Paredes (not not).

ngel Di Mara (7): the Argentinian was the most agitated Parisian in front. Technically, he was one step above the others tonight, and the Messins had a hard time taking the ball. Author of the opening of the score on penalty, he gets a great opportunity in the second period on a strike from the right pushed by Oukidja.

Eric Choupo-Moting (6): author of a surprise surprise last Sunday, the Cameroonian international was initially little found by his partners. A little altruistic about an action after half an hour of play, he then responds by scoring on his first opportunity. A small alert late in the game. Replaces the 89th by Jes (not not).

Pablo Sarabia (4): the rookie arrives from FC Sville makes a disappointing copy. Rarely in the rhythm and clumsy in his choices, the Spaniard has never really weighed in front. A match without.

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METZ 0-2 PARIS SG (half-time: 0-2) – FRANCE – Ligue 1 / 4th day
Stadium: Stade Saint-Symphorien – Referee: Frank Schneider

goals : -. Di Mara (11th, pen.) E. Choupo-Moting (43rd) for PARIS SG
warnings : Mr Fofana (27th), for METZ

METZ : A. Oukidja, J. Boye, T. Delaine, S. Sunzu, F. Centonze, (Mr. Gakpa, 70th) R. Cohade, O. Nguette, (I. Niane, 82nd) ​​F. Boulaya, (V. Angban, 59th) Mr. Fofana, H. Maga, H. Diallo,

PARIS SG : Mr Bulka, Thiago Silva, Juan Bernat, Marquinhos, C. Dagba, I. Gueye, . Di Mara, Mr Verratti (L. Kurzawa, 82nd), Pablo Sarabia, A. Aouchiche (L. Paredes, 65th), E. Choupo-Moting (Jes, 90th),

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