Compulsory instruction at 3 years, reform of the baccalaureate, "Marseillaise" … the novelties of the new school year 2019


More than twelve million students return to class Monday. Compulsory instruction from 3 years, high school reform, inclusion of students with disabilities, respect for teachers … Overview of the priorities of Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer.

The Minister of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, reaffirmed Tuesday, August 27 the priority given to primary school and played the card of appeasement after a tense end of the year, for example by opening the door to improvements of the high school reform.

Instruction from 3 years, "Marseillaise" …

Flanquer law flagship measure promulgated in July, the instruction becomes compulsory from the age of 3 years (against 6 years today). Only 26,000 children of this age did not go to school, especially in Mayotte or Guyana.

Another measure, symbolic: the words of La Marseillaise, the motto "Liberty, equality, fraternity" and the French and European flags will appear in all classes from kindergarten to high school. In addition, the training requirement for all 16-18 year olds by 2020 comes into force.

Continuation of split classes

"Priority Priorities" of the minister, the mastery of fundamental knowledge: to read, to write, to count, to respect others. Hence the creation of 2,300 positions in primary. The duplication of priority network classes (Rep and Rep +) extends: 300,000 children of CP and CE1 are concerned. Then, the duplication will extend to the students of large section.

The reform of high school in the hard

Despite the teachers' sling, the S, L and ES streams disappear in first general. The students each chose three specialties. "A tremendous freedom," welcomed Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer at his press conference.

"26.1% of students chose the math / physics / SVT combination, compared to 50% usually", he said, in response to critics who predicted a recovery of channels.

Promises for students with disabilities

Recruitment "4,500 full time equivalents of AESH (accompanying persons)" 24,500 more students with disabilities will be enrolled (in addition to 340,000 last year). Jean-Michel Blanquer also promises a faster response to families, summing up as if he were speaking to a student: "Before, you went to school when you had an AESH. Today, you go to school, AESH is waiting for you. "

The "happiness" of teachers

"Success depends on the happiness of teachers", assured the minister, who seems to have heard their demands. Jean-Michel Blanquer wants the teacher to find the "prestigeOf yesteryear. A follow-up committee on the reform of high schools "Will provide answers and amenities" .

The minister also announced measures to improve the school climate. In terms of remuneration, he mainly mentioned the teacher bonus in Rep +, which increases from 1,000 to 2,000 this year. The reflection on basic salaries will be associated with the negotiations on pension reform.

Greener schools

New priority, environmental awareness. 250,000 eco-delegates (one per class in middle school and high school) will be designated to implement ecological actions within the institutions (sorting of waste, energy saving, installation of vegetable gardens …).

"We are not a mammoth, but a hummingbird people,said the minister, referring to 12 million students. Each hummingbird that drops a drop of water will help extinguish the fires. "

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Compulsory instruction at 3 years, reform of the baccalaureate, "Marseillaise" … the novelties of the new school year

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