Coco Gauff wants to emulate Serena and Venus Williams


Coco Gauff spoke to reporters of his great progress since his arrival at the fourth round of Wimbledon. "My ranking has certainly progressed so I can participate in more tournaments, but it's not really a big change.

But the fact that my ranking is higher, allows me to participate in larger tournaments "said Gauff. She added: "I do not feel too much weight on myself because I am the best person I can be.

I also know that people follow me. And it helps a lot more because I know people are watching and want to be a good role model for girls someday. I hope that, just as I speak of Venus and of Serena saying that these are my models, one day someone will say that I am his ".

On his goals, Gauff shared: "My dreams, they will always be the same as long as I do not realize them. To be n. 1, win Grand Slams. My overall goal is to be the best of all time ".

About WTA rules that do not allow her to participate in as many tournaments as she wants, Gauff said: "I understand the rules, and it's meant to protect the young player.

Obviously, I want to play more tournaments. But I wish they could adjust it a bit maybe. About her father, Corey, the 15-year-old American concluded: "He's trying to space the tournaments so it gives me time to train.

Even when I was junior, I did not play as many tournaments as the other players. All my life, I have never played too many tournaments because he always wanted to give me the time to develop.

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