Claw, bluff and pressure shot: what to remember from the release of Leonardo – Ligue 1


What about the Neymar file? Leonardo made the point, in person, before the media present in the mixed zone, after the victory of the PSG in Metz (0-2). An intervention of just over eight minutes. Decryption.

Disagree with Barça
This is not a surprise, but it is the first information unveiled by Leonardo Friday night, after Metz-PSG (0-2), in the corridors of Saint-Symphorien: "There has never been an agreement written in relation to our conditions ". He also promised that the first written offer of the Catalan club did not arrive on his desk "until August 27". This is probably true. It's probably also a way to show that Barça was in no hurry to act … We know, the two clubs have been discussing for several weeks, several months. No offer written before August 27, that does not mean that there was no offer at all … This detail aside, "Leo" recognizes that Paris is open to the idea of an exchange. What some sources have doubted. "No club had enough money to buy it, that's the truth," says the Paris sports director. The condition to authorize his departure has always been to have a replacement in the transaction and, perhaps, other players to complete the amount required. "

Barça otherwise nothing
The other information is that there is no question of Real or Juve: "If Barça is the only option? Today, yes.

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The serial will continue until the end of the transfer window
One thing is certain: the soap opera is not over. Whether to put pressure on Barça or show Neymar's white paws, Leonardo leaves the door open. Admittedly, no appointment is planned, he says. But it is not by chance that Leonardo refuses to say that Neymar will stay. "Today, there is no agreement," he slips. "Today" is important. And to add, to the question of whether "Ney" will stay: "I do not know, it depends on Barcelona". Clearly, the ball is in their court, if it is not done, it's their fault.

Claw in Areola
Alphonse Areola at Real Madrid? "The situation is not done. There is the possibility to do it, "says Leonardo. Regarding Keylor Navas, go around, there is nothing to see: "We negotiate (for) Areola (smile)." But the most interesting, it was the blow of claw to the goalkeeper world champion. Which one did not wish to play against Metz. "Honestly, I was a little surprised … We respected (his choice) because there are ongoing negotiations," asserts Leonardo, clearly attacking the lack of professionalism of Areola.

Claw at the previous sporting direction
"Dream bigger" ? With Leonardo, it's "Dreaming reality". In a charge barely veiled to his predecessors, the sporting director of PSG points out that there is "a lot to see, to pay", as "the players at the end of the contract". Note that Leonardo starts his argument by highlighting the constraints of financial fair play. That's not the fault of Antero Henrique. "Some situations, we will have to see how we will live with," he says. And that is probably an allusion to the Neymar case. Maybe not only … Conclusion? "I think it will be a difficult season, not the bling-bling season that starts with saying we're going to win the Champions League. We will seek to reorganize, to review things. Ambitions down? No. PSG, it is obliged (to have ambitions). I'm just saying we have things to fix. "And they should have been before. Leonardo also acts as lightning rod for Thomas Tuchel and the players.

Nothing about possible reinforcements
Leonardo took care to avoid questions about possible reinforcements. It is difficult to give meaning to this silence, as multiple sources announce for example Navas. Asked about Paulo Dybala and Blaise Matuidi, Leonardo recalls that the other clubs "ask a lot".

"The relationship with Neymar is not the most tranquil that exists, it is complicated"


Neymar / PSG, frying on the line
Leonardo wanted to play fair game about Neymar. "We have to have a relationship to get the best out of the player. Now, we are going to tell the truth, this relationship is not the most tranquil that exists. Today, we have a complicated relationship, things have happened that we try to settle, to discuss, "he says. The sports director also shone the brush, evoking "an extraordinary player", "a good boy", which he discovers and which he appreciates "the way of being". All while reaffirming that he has done everything to open "the possibility of his departure, but only on our terms. Conditions that have never been fulfilled … "The perfect speech to try to" catch up "Neymar in case he had to stay …

Ousmane Dembélé, the liar poker
At one time, we thought that Philippe Coutinho was the key. He went to Bayern. And Ousmane Dembélé? It is the only Barcelona who sticks to the profile portrayed by Leonardo. Except that the former Rennais promises he will stay, and even that he has never been contacted. Ditto on the side of his agent. This is not exactly the version of Leonardo … "Compared to Dembélé, he knew that he had to leave perhaps the 27th. So it's immediately more complicated …" If we read between the lines Dembélé is part of the package proposed by Barça. "But honestly, we have neither a no, nor a yes," he promises, assuring that without a club club agreement, he would not have seen the player approach him. We obviously do not have to believe it … We imagine that the PSG, if he really wants Dembélé, tries by all means to convince him. Especially via Thomas Tuchel …

Transparency, which transparency?
Players, coaches, managers and agents all share one thing in common: we can NEVER trust them completely when it comes to transfers during the transfer window. No more sports directors. Leonardo's reaction is quite tasty: a colleague asks him to be "transparent" about Parisian requirements. A word that laughed the leader of 56 years (see below) … In summary, we may not know the end of this story until late Monday night, the closing of the summer transfer window. By then, everyone will play his score …

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