Clasico: "Anderlecht remains a quality team", warns Michel Preud'homme


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The Europa League was in everyone's mind, but the conversation turned quickly on Sunday's Clasico.

It was soon after the announcement of the group, raised with Arsenal, Frankfurt and Guimaraes, that the Standard held its press-point before Clasico.
"It's very tough and it looks complicated but we want to rub big teams and it's for games like this that we play the European Cup"begins Renaud Emond. Michel Preud'homme opines the chief.
"These are sexy opponents and from the coach's point of view, it's very interesting because we're going to face three different types of football."
Very quickly Sunday's Clasico returned to the center of the conversation, with the favorite costume that will have to be endorsed by the Standard, given the gap between the two clubs and the progress in the processes started on the part of other.

"We never like to say that there is a favorite before the match"Relativist, the Liège captain. "Anderlecht are a quality team and they want to wake up, especially at home." Once again, his coach does not contradict him. "Anderlecht have come up with great things since the beginning of the season, they have good players, young and old, it does not change the problem because the quality is there."

In the past it was Anderlecht who approached this duel in a strong position, when Standard struggled to find his football and take points. Suffice to say that this meeting is of paramount importance for all purple supporters, who are already playing one of the games of the season. Michel Preud'homme is well aware of this. "Imagine the opposite situation, the Standard with two points, Anderlecht with twelve and the match being played at Sclessin, we know what it would mean for the club, we have to be prepared for it to be the same thing in the other direction. . "

The Liege coach finally gave details of the injury to Noë Dussenne, absent for a reminder between six months and a year due to rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament of the right knee. "It was by turning that one of the feet was stuck in the ground, he felt the pain directly and the doctor was not very optimistic, it was catastrophic for the player, and Noë was really shot this morning."

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