Cintegabelle. 700 spectators came to see Barbara Hendricks


A few days ago, the Friends of the Organ celebrated their 40th birthday and took the opportunity to invite Barbara Hendricks. The bet was successful for a dynamic team strongly supported by a myriad of volunteers, generous patrons, elected officials and committed municipal services. The church had become a sumptuous setting for 700 spectators. Despite the heat wave, a healthy distribution of fresh water on the forecourt foreshadowed a strong and unique moment. The bluish scene was set up, under the benevolence of the Grandes Orgues. The patient audience and one by one, three musicians settle: the giant Mathias on piano and organ, Max and Ulf guitars. Finally, the singer arrives. First thunder of applause, for a first salute. Glittering tunic, hair pulled back show off her features. At age 70, his voice remains at incredible modulations, recognizable among all. The grande dame has accustomed her audience to dozens of different musical registers. There she offers medleys, poems, soul, gospel, blues. Her soprano voice is still powerful and her ability to hold a note dazzles. The fight led by Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks is current. UN ambassador delivers this terrible Somali-written poetry for refugees "Do not move. Unless your house says to you: Go away! Run fast. Accept insults, they are easier to swallow than blows. And the humiliations easier to receive than the coffin of a child. Leave before you destroy me, your life is more important. On July 25, in Cintegabelle, we all had a dream, with Barbara Hendricks.

60 volunteers present

To organize this concert in an optimal way, the Friends of the organ appealed to sixty volunteers in charge of the reception of the public and the artists, the communication, the decoration, the technical logistics, the carparks, the expenses and of security. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to three humanitarian associations: The Hand on the Heart in Mauzac, Coquelicot-Apéco in Auterive and Eudy Ayedada in Miremont.

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