Chronicle of Jean-Paul Chartrand – Campbell will not do better than the others against Lomachenko


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The championship bout between Vasyl Lomachenko and Luke Campbell will be presented at RDS2 and RDS Direct on Saturday from 4 pm.

Luke Campbell (20-2-0, 16 KOs) may be a good boxer in the eyes of the British, but when you take a look at his track record, it's hard to compare him to the one who is cataloged as the best pugilist in the world, pound for pound.

For the BoxRec site, Campbell comes fifth among the best lightweights behind champion Vasyl Lomachenko, Mikey Garcia, Richard Commey and Jose Pedraza.

Campbell has never faced a boxer like Lomachenko. The WBC placed him in first place ahead of Davin Haney and Teofimo Lopez, yet he never beat a rival. His best performance may have been against Jorge Linares in September 2017.

He lost this duel by split decision. Two judges had opted for a 115-112 victory and 114-113 for Linares, but the third official, Victor Loughlin, had given his vote 115-113 in favor of his compatriot. And beware, this same judge will be the referee for the championship bout on Saturday night, at the Arena 02 Greenwich, London (presented at 4 pm on RDS2).

Loughlin must know Campbell well since he has been involved in nine of his 22 fights so far. Four times as referee and five times as judge. But he never officiated in a fight involving Lomachenko.

Fortunately, this time he will not have to judge the performance of the two pugilists. This will be done by Quebecois Benoit Roussel, Omar Mintum of Mexico and Jean Robert Laine of Monaco.

Campbell may be very popular in Britain and yet, at last Wednesday's press conference in London, Loma was applauded more than the little guy in the square.

Too bad Lomachenko did not follow his first intuition. That of playing hockey. Who knows, perhaps, that today he could do the delights of the Canadiens fans?

Preteen, he did not even think about boxing.

Before taking his first steps in a gym and flipping a bag of sand, he took Ukrainian dance lessons, much to his father's pleasure.

Another requirement of his father, Anthony, was to improve in gymnastics. Today, he is reaping the fruits of his labors. He anticipates remaining champion and then devoting himself entirely to fishing and hunting before the age of 40.

At age 31, Loma begins to show some signs of wear. In recent months, he had to treat injuries to one shoulder, then to one hand. But he continued to impress everyone despite his discomfort.

Tired in his last three fights

He has won his last three fights, but has been hurt each time. In May 2015, Loma injured his shoulder during his duel against Linares. Despite this injury, he managed to defeat Linares by KO. in the 10th round, but not without difficulty. He even visited the carpet at the sixth engagement. A simple fall lights.

Against Jose Pedraza, last December, he won, but it was the first time we saw his face so bad. It looked like he was the loser.

Finally, in his last fight, last April, the magician of Ukraine broke a joint against Anthony Crolla, but this did not stop him from passing the K.-O. in the fourth round to his rival.

After 411 fights (397 among amateurs and 14 in the professional world). Does Loma show signs of wear or aging? Enough to give a chance of success to his rival on Saturday, Luke Campbell, the first aspirant to the vacant crown of the WBC?

I doubt…

Lomachenko is already champion of the WBA and the WBO. That of the IBF belongs to Richard Commey.

He wants all the crowns

The double Olympic gold medalist wants all the crowns in the light, and in addition, he now has an eye on that of Gervonta Davis, the super featherweight.

Since his only defeat against Orlando Solido, in his second pro fight in March 2014, Lomachenko has been victorious nine times by KO. and three times by decision. However, he is not untouchable. In May 2018, Linares sent him to the carpet in the sixth round of their clash. Needless to say that Loma was insulted by this fall and he redoubled his enthusiasm thereafter to finally win by KO. in the tenth round.

Campbell is two inches taller than Lomachenko. It's 5'9 "against 5'7" for the Ukrainian. The Brit is also an Olympic gold medalist, but I remain convinced that his talent does not compare to that of Lomachenko.

In recent decades, boxing has been gifted. There were, among others, Joe Louis, Muhammad Ali, Roy Jones, Roberto Duran, Sugar Ray Leonard and today, Lomachenko is made of the same mold.

As a precision device

Timoty Bradley, the former world super lightweight and welterweight champion, compares Lomachenko to a well-calibrated precision machine. "It looks like a real machine," says Bradley, now an analyst for the ESPN network. A button is pressed and it starts immediately. "

Lomachenko is faster, more energetic, has a better footwork than Campbell. He loves to fight indoors and focus especially on the body of his opponents.

Between November 2016 and December 2017, he forced Nicholas Walters (26-0-1), Jason Sosa (20-1-4) Miguel Mariagga (25-2-0) and Guillermo Rigondeaux (17-0-0) withdraw after spending all their energies.

Lomachenko is not the most powerful slugger, but he uses his rivals to the rope by repeatedly striking, especially the body. The best understood and retired before the end of their fights before being seriously injured. The others were simply stunned.

Fast and good dancer

Another talent of Lomachenko is his footwork. He is very fast with a mobility of execution that allows him to hit you from all angles. Sometimes he is in front of you and a fraction of a second later, he is on your left or behind you.

If Campbell can keep him at bay, he is likely to defeat him by decision. He has good strike force and longer range.

Both boxers are left-handed. Lomachenko suffered his first career loss to Gary Russell, a southpaw who still sits on the WBC featherweight title. And yet, Loma was only in his third fight at the pros.

Two left-handed

He did the same fate to another left-hander who had never lost before confronting him. This is Cuban Guillermo Rigondeaux. Seeing that he was totally downgraded, Rigondeaux decided to abandon the fight at the sixth engagement by retiring to his corner.

Lomachenko is a big favorite to win the vacant WBC Lightweight title. He already holds the belts of the WBA and the WBO. It remains the IBF where Richard Commey is the standard bearer.

We know that Lomachenko wants all titles in the light, but he does not intend to imitate Manny Pacquiao and fight after the age of 40 years. We can therefore expect him to start by eclipsing Commey. Then, it will target the title of Gervonta Davis, in super featherweight.

How far will this phenomenon go? I do not know, but I know that already, he has a foot in Boxing Hall of Fame.

Two Olympic gold medals, the Val-Barker Trophy, awarded to the best pugilist at the Olympics, a record of 12-1-0, 9 KOs. in championship fights against nine champions or former champions. Finally, world-wide in three weight classes, all this after only 12 fights in professional career.

Must do it …

PREDICTION: Lomachenko by K.-O. before the 8the commitment.

Good boxing.

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