Children of US Government Employees Born Abroad Will No Longer Receive Automatic Nationality


USA: Children of US government employees born abroad will no longer be granted automatic citizenship

The US administration announced on Wednesday that it would change the process of acquiring nationality by children of US-born members of US services, including diplomatic personnel and the military.

Under the current policy, children of members of civil servants posted abroad receive the same automatic nationality as if they were born on American soil. But as of October 29, parents of some children born outside the United States will have to apply for citizenship on behalf of their child, the US Immigration and Citizenship Service (USCIS) said in a statement. .

A spokesman for the federal agency, Meredith Parker, told the military news organization Task and Report that the policy change "means that we will not consider children living abroad with their parents residing at United States, even if their parents are US government employees or US military personnel stationed outside the United States, and therefore these children will no longer be considered to have automatically acquired nationality ".

For his part, USCIS acting director Ken Cuccinelli downplayed the changes in a statement on Twitter, saying the update did not deny citizenship to children of government and military members.

"This policy aligns the USCIS process on State Department procedures for these children, that's all," he said.

According to its opponents, although the new policy does not change eligibility for nationality, it adds to the process and raises the possibility that some applicants may be refused.

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