Central House: Deputies come to visit Dr. Faya Millimono repressed


Following the deputy Fodé Oussou Fofana and former Prime Minister Sidya Touré, deputies Christian Sinata Touré and Holomo Koni Kourouma were, in turn, prevented from meeting the opponent, Faya Millimono, incarcerated at the Central House of Conakry since last August 2, it was found.

Coming out of this, the member of the Union for the Progress of Guinea (UPG), expressed frustration with the treatment they received given, he says, that they had the assurance of the Minister Adviser to the Presidency of the Republic, in charge of republican institutions, also acting minister in charge of Justice, to meet Faya Millimono.

"With the opening of the Extraordinary Session on the Supplementary Finance Law, we contacted the Minister Counselor at the Presidency in charge of Institutions to ask him how can deputies go to the Central House to visit a detained and repressed. He said that he has given firm instructions to those who are entitled by law to ensure that the deputies who are in their mandate to control government action can exercise it as of right when they arrive at the civil prison.

Unfortunately, today, I came with my honorable colleague Koni Kourouma to visit Dr. Faya. It was not to check the minister's information, but to visit our colleague Faya Millimono. And we arrive, we are told that it is not possible. We must go to see a former judge to issue us an authorization to come exercise our right.

We go back frustrated in this way because it is not normal for us to visit an inmate and treat him as if he were a common criminal, especially since we left as members of Parliament, we are not going to help him escape by visiting him. We come for human solidarity ", explained MP Christian Sinata Toure.

Both MEPs promise to return very soon, this time with many other MPs who want to visit Dr. Faya Millimono.

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