#CDL Of a hair, the GF38 is eliminated by the Niortois Chamois – LSD



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                                                        <strong>After a 1st round of the League Cup won on penalties against Rodez, the GF38 did not experience such fate in the second round.</strong>

On the lawn of Niort, locals and visitors offer a rather enticing football. At mid-point, the score is 0-0 despite an interesting game to follow.
In the second act, both teams practice a fire defense attack. At the end of the game, neither Brun nor Kemen manage to find the flaw, so it's on penalties that the qualification is played.
The shooters apply and shake the nets, up to 4 shots on goal everywhere. Brun takes charge of shooting the fifth penalty, but sees his attempt stopped by Braat. After him, Koyalipou makes a panenka softly pulled but that shakes the nets of Camara, despite the return of the latter.

The GF38 is eliminated from the Coupe de la Ligue by Niort (0-0, 5-4 t.a.b.), despite a beautiful face this Tuesday night. Place at the Ligue 2 now with the reception of Lens, Monday, September 2nd.

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