Catherine Deneuve does not see herself as an icon of cinema and defends Polanski


(Paris) She does not see herself "really" as an icon of cinema. At the poster of Family partyCatherine Deneuve says "love to surprise", far from the "sophisticated" image she can give, and does not hesitate to take controversial positions, especially to defend Roman Polanski.

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"Cinema icon? I'm not really that, I think, frankly. I'm told often, it's a lot through the covers of newspapers, newspapers, photos, it's more like that, "said the star of French cinema, whose career began more than 60 years ago , in an interview with AFP.

"It's also the fact that I've been linked a lot (to fashion designer Yves) Saint Laurent, so it gave me a more sophisticated image. But frankly no, as an actress, I'm not like that. It's an image, "she adds.

She also says she likes to surprise "in roles a little unexpected", and that "everything is not written in advance".

"I want things that I do not feel I have done already," says Catherine Deneuve, who is preparing to shoot in October in the next film Emmanuelle Bercot In his lifetime, with Benoît Magimel.

In Family party by Cédric Kahn, a family drama mixed with comedy in theaters on Wednesday, she plays Andréa, a mother who receives her three children for her birthday in the family home: her unstable and unpredictable older daughter Claire (Emmanuelle Bercot), and her sons Vincent (Cédric Kahn), in the life row, and Romain (Vincent Macaigne), chaotic projects.

The arrival of Claire, whom she has not seen for three years, will upset this family reunion, resulting in storms and settling scores.

"What I liked was the scenario, which I found extraordinary, with characters that really existed," enthuses the 75-year-old actress, who says "love to shoot a lot with authors of course, with filmmakers writing their scripts. "

Already showing this year of Farewell to the night André Téchiné and The Last Madness of Claire Darling Bertucelli, Catherine Deneuve also opened on Wednesday the Venice Film Festival in the role of a "very excessive" actress in The truth Japanese Hirokazu Kore-Eda.


Catherine Deneuve with director Hirokazu Kore-eda and Juliette Binoche

A Mostra shaken this year by a controversy over the presence in competition of the last film of Roman Polanski, I accuse, on the Dreyfus Affair, whose official screening will take place on Friday night.

"Unbelievable violence"

As she has done in the past, the star does not hesitate to be indignant at feminist critics against the presence in selection of the French-Polish filmmaker, accused of the rape in 1977 of a teenager. 13 years.

"I find it incredibly violent, and I find it totally excessive," she responds.

"Time has passed," she pleads again about the 86-year-old director, with whom she shot in 1965 in Repulsion, also saying that "most people do not know the reality of how things have gone".

As she prepares to preside in a week at the Deauville American Film Festival, Catherine Deneuve also defends Woody Allen, whose latest film, A Rainy Day in New York, never released in theaters because of old accusations of sexual assault, will open the event, also raising criticism of feminists.

"It's the same, it's incredible," says the actress, who says she would accept "of course" to shoot with the filmmaker if he had a project that suits him.

In the United States, "they quickly say" finished, banned ", we must leave the country, we must leave the city, we must leave the cinema", regrets the actress, who had also taken position against running on the #metoo movement early 2018, signing with a hundred women a platform defending "a freedom to importuner". She then apologized to "victims of heinous acts".

For her, "you have to make the difference between the filmmaker and the person". "Feminists still have blinkers," she says.

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