Case Gregory. A new raven threatens Marcel and Jacqueline Jacob, a man was heard


Marcel and Jacqueline Jacob, aged 74 and 75, formerly indicted for the murder of little Grégory Villemin, received anonymous phone calls at their home in Granges-sur-Vologne (Vosges). They filed a complaint for "malicious phone calls" and "death threats". An investigation is underway to try to identify this new raven, while a man was heard Friday, August 30.

A man was heard this Friday, August 30 in the afternoon, for "Malicious phone calls" Passed anonymously to the home of Grégory Villemin's grand-uncle and grand-aunt, Marcel and Jacqueline Jacob, in Granges-sur-Vologne (Vosges), the prosecution has learned.

The Jacob spouses "Have received two anonymous calls on August 11 and 15 and messages left anonymously on their answering machine", told AFP Nicolas Heitz, public prosecutor in Epinal, confirming information from Republican East.

An open investigation

An investigation for "Malicious phone calls" was opened and "The technical exploitation that was immediately carried out by the gendarmerie" has identified a man, who does not reside in the Vosges, added Nicolas Heitz. "He was auditioned (Friday) afternoon", he said.

"The investigation is underway to know the exact meaning of his statements and what were his intentions"added the prosecutor who plans to speak again on the subject on Monday.

Spouses placed under protection

In a recording published on the daily's website, we hear a voice say: "Marcel Jacob, did you tell the raven, your brother René Jacob, with your binoculars, who was watching what was going on with your sister Monique Jacob and Albert Villemin (Grégory's grandparents, Ed)? Is it you who informed the raven? We'll see you. Hi ".

The husband Jacob, septuagenarian, "Were touched by these calls, of a guy who tells them about the case. The voice, hoarse, grave, old, looks like the raven who had harassed members of the Villemin family for several years by telephone, reacted to Marcel Jacob's advice, Stéphane Giuranna, with AFP.

The lawyer on Wednesday filed a complaint on behalf of the couple for "malicious phone calls" and "threats", and asked for police protection of the spouses.

Charges canceled

Grégory Villemin, aged 4, was found drowned, hand and foot bound, in Vologne on October 16, 1984. Marcel and Jacqueline Jacob were indicted with Murielle Bolle in June 2017 for "kidnapping and kidnapping followed by death". Their indictments had been quashed for procedural reasons in May 2018.

After having accused the murder of his brother-in-law, Bernard Laroche, killed by Jean-Marie Villemin in 1985, Murielle Bolle, then aged 15, had retracted.

In February, the Court of Cassation acknowledged that the custody of the teenager in 1984 had been carried out pursuant to "Unconstitutional". The investigating chamber of the Paris Court of Appeal must now consider the question of its annulment.

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Case Gregory. A new raven threatens Marcel and Jacqueline Jacob, a man was

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