Case Epstein: His French "handyman" has visited his apartment in Paris after his death


The Parisian apartment of the millionaire accused of sexual assault on minors, was visited by his steward, according to information collected by Franceinfo.

A mysterious visit that took place on August 21, 2019two days before the start of the investigation for "rape" and "sexual assault" on French territory, particularly on minors.

The hand-to-hand Franco-Brazilian Jeffrey Epstein went to the millionaire's home in Paris, where he has the keys.

USAinformations met the steward of Jeffrey Epstein. He was directly mandated by the "Trust 1953".

Two days before his death, Jeffrey Epstein, in his will, stipulated to entrust all his property to a trust. This allows the millionaire not to disclose the beneficiaries of his estate.

Why did the steward come to Jeffrey Epstein's Paris apartment? Things are still not clear about this.

But according to USAinformations, the handyman has revealed that the apartment at 22, avenue Foch in Paris was permanently attended by many women, some of which were paid by the millionaire.

He claims not to know their age, so do not know if some were minor. In addition, a "tailor-made" massage room was located between the walls of the apartment, like the layout of its apartments in the United States.

Massages "three to four times a day"

" In this private massage room, the millionaire was massaged, doors closed, up to four times a day Reveals USAinformations. The intendant of Jeffrey Epstein says he was not contacted during the investigation in France, while he seems to be a witness of what was happening on French soil with Epstein.

according to USAinformationsthe investigation in France seems to be struggling to get started.

Survey in France: "The file is empty"

According to an investigator OCRVP (the Central Office for the Repression of Violence to Persons) interviewed, no one has yet been heard in this case.

According to an investigator, the associations have not yet provided any concrete reports on possible French victims. "
The folder

is empty "
, says an investigator close to the file. "

We have nothing on Epstein. Nothing about the victims. And the facts are threatened by prescription. This investigation was opened under the only pressure of media
", says the same source.

Where is Jean-Luc Brunel, suspected of being an accomplice of Jeffrey Epstein?

In a detailed investigation, Mediapart lifted the veil on the role played by a Frenchman suspected of having delivered teenage girls, sometimes minor, to Jeffrey Epstein. According to the investigator, Jean-Luc Brunel was reported since the death of the millionaire in Brazil and Asia, but French investigators have no information on its current location.

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