Casablanca Stock Exchange: The new general regulations adopted


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Casablanca Stock Exchange: The new general regulations adopted
The Casablanca Stock Exchange aims to modernize the market and meet the expectations of investors and issuers. A new general regulation has been adopted in this sense as part of the "Ambition 2021" market development plan. Its entry into force is scheduled for the last quarter. The new regulation introduces new provisions which "instead give more flexibility in the implementation of the tools necessary for the development of the market".

With these provisions, the Exchange "will have the opportunity to adjust the rules relating to the listing of financial instruments, their stay and their delisting," it says. Moreover, the new regulation sets the terms of admission and stay for the new organization with a main market and an alternative market, dedicated to securities issued by SMEs. Thus, each market will have compartments reserved for the different types of instruments as well as a compartment dedicated to qualified investors. The new regulation also offers the possibility to list securities issued by undertakings for collective investment such as OPCI and ETF.

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