Cartons, in-front and mental … The quarter of an hour of galley des Bleus that could have been expensive


Italy managed to surprise Antoine Dupont – Francois Mori / AP / SIPA

If it's too easy, it's not funny. We're lucky, with this XV of France, it's rarely cake. And when it is, the team will always go out of their way to get scared, like that, just for the kif. Hold, Friday: even after opening the mark
against Italy via a test of
Yoann Huget at the third minute, the French managed to get into the sauce, as the young people would say. From 5-0, they quickly went to 5-7.

Everything starts from an action that is very favorable to the Blues: on the recoil at the median line, Tebaldi is out of balance so much that a current of air would have been enough to make the Italian fall. Lack of luck, Yacouba Camara (author that said of a very good match) prefers a top tackle to the delicacy and makes the ball to the Italians. "These are stupid mistakes, and I think it's me who makes the first," he analyzes, lucid mixed zone. Follows a return in touch in the 22 meters French and the beginning of the galleys. anthology:

  • Hand faults that lead to forecasters
  • Untold number of penalties conceded in record time
  • A fault of unkindness unworthy of the very high level which leads to the first Italian test
  • Two yellow cards. One for Picamoles, for repetition of mistakes, the other for Slimani four minutes later, forcing France to play at 13.

How to explain this fear coming from elsewhere in full friendly against a team to which one knows oneself superior? Answer by Arthur Iturria. "It may have been an excess of generosity. We had a heart not to eat the forwards and maybe we missed a little lucidity. It's a mistake … But I think we did well at 13. "

The solidarity of the team put to the test

Certainly, but it must be remembered that it took little for Italy to make the break. If Gaël Fickou does not intercept this pass in the 22 after a deboulé of the winger on the left with the following we know – the raid of Huget which will lead to a penalty test – the story would not probably not the same. Worrying from our point of view, the fifteen minutes of glory of the Squadra was seen as a salutary test by the players. After the encouraging defeat, the quarter-hour rotten encouraging. Wen Lauret:

"We have been able to rely on solidarity. We were at 13 in the game and fortunately we kept that solidarity because at 13 we did not enter a test and we scored. We talked to each other, we said things to stay in the game. We know that we were able to turn things around thanks to the team and the cohesion we had during this difficult time. "

Yacouba Camara abounds: "After that we wound up. These are difficult times to see how the team gets their heads out of the water. For want of going out of the sand, then. Except perhaps Lauret, aware that facing top-level teams, better be careful not to go through such embarrassing situations. "We have been penalized a lot and this is a sector that we must correct to avoid getting into trouble against the teams against. This is a big point on which we have to work. It remains to the Blues three weeks to do it. Because we can not imagine Argentina donating three or four tests like Italy on Friday at the Stade de France.

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