Capitals turn the page on a disappointing season


Even though his team was languishing at the bottom of the Can-Am League standings, Patrick Scalabrini still hoped, a few weeks ago, that his team would turn the tide and end the season in force.

But a few hours before the last local game of his, Thursday, the manager could only admit that the 2019 campaign has been a disappointing from start to finish.

We played pretty well at the end of the season, but the results did not really come. Collectively, we did not do the work, admitted the one who will miss the series for the 2nd time only in 10 years at the helm of Capitals.

One tile after another

How an organization subscribed to success like the Capitals can end up with a record of 35 wins and 55 losses? It's a long discussion, warns Scalabrini.

The 2019 season was one in which everything that could go wrong derailed. From the beginning, I think we have a little overvalued some newcomers who have proved bitter disappointments.

Then there is what the Capitals could not control. The starting receiver of the team signed up for affiliated baseball a few days before the start of the season. A starting pitcher signed by the team did not show up at the camp. The arrival of Cuban players has been delayed by several weeks.

We had a B team in the first month of the season and it looks like we've never been able to come back afterwardssays Patrick Scalabrini, aware that the many tiles that fell on the head of his training do not explain everything.

When we finally had a full alignment, there was a month and a half when we should have pulled together and we did not do it.

Manduley tries to hit a ball

Cuban Judge Yordan Manduley

Photo: Radio-Canada / Guillaume Croteau-Langevin

The end of the Cuban experience?

Of the three Cuban players who have finally joined the team, this season, pitcher Vladimir Garcia, a disappointment, has just passed. The Capitals, however, love the shortstop Yordan Manduley, again named defensive player of the year at his fifth visit to Quebec.

But six seasons after the beginning of the historic partnership with the Cuban authorities, Patrick Scalabrini is no longer certain that the game is worth the candle.

It is certain that the present formula must be reviewed. We want to keep in touch. We love the bond that has been built up over the years. But if we are to continue, they will have to understand things and make players available sooner.

Jackson impresses

And the positive, in all this? Back for a second season in Quebec City, the infielder TJ White has once again sounded his baton. The team awarded him the title of player of the year on Thursday night, and Patrick Scalabrini hopes to see him again next year. Just like newcomer Jhalan Jackson, who also impressed.

He is a power hitter who commands respectsaid the manager, adding the names of David Salgueiro and Connor Panas among those they would like to see again in Quebec City.

When veteran pitcher Scott Richmond, traded Wednesday night at the Long Island Ducks to allow him to participate in the playoffs in the Atlantic League, it will be necessary to see if he decides to hang on his crampons. The door is not closed for a return to Quebec, but according to Scalabrini, the Canadian gunner will retire if Canada fails to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics.

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