Canada will bail out cannabis stocks


Legalized in June 2018
the treatment of certain diseases by medical cannabis is the subject of a pilot project that began last February. And it is a success, since last July, 7 kilograms of cannabis were distributed to 270 patients, far more than the estimates of the ministry that expected 200.

"Since then, doctors have been advised not to include new patients in the program until supply is standardized," said the Minister of Health.
Etienne Schneider
 in the context of a parliamentary question put by the member
Jean-Marie Halsdorf

Treatments should not be interrupted

The stocks still available suggest to the minister that current treatments will not be interrupted. Indeed, the reserves should be sufficient until September. At this point, the problem will not normally arise again. "In view of the quantities ordered and in order to no longer have to change supplier until the end of 2020, a European open procedure was launched and awarded to a Canadian company, in this case Canopy Growth Germany GmbH. The contract in question is for supply from September 2019, "explained the minister.

According to Étienne Schneider, the choice of the supplier via an open European procedure was based on "a certain number of criteria to ensure the best compromise between quality, price and speed. delivery of products. The minimum stocks held by the provider and a product stability period of at least 6 months after delivery were also assessed. '

liberalization of recreational cannabis is, for its part, more relevant than ever
. A
supplier has already been chosen

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