Canada wants to ban single-use plastic by 2021


Straws, bags and other plastic objects for single use prohibited from 2021 in Canada? Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who makes the environment one of his priorities by the parliamentary elections in October, has in any case announced Monday to have set this goal.

"Plastic pollution is a global scourge," the Liberal leader told reporters, noting that less than 10 percent of plastics are currently recycled in Canada. "Honestly, as a parent, it's hard to explain that to my kids. When it is explained that whales have died, their stomachs filled with plastic, that albatrosses, chicks on the Hawaiian coast are filled with plastic that they took for food, "said Mr. Trudeau.

"As parents, we bring our children to the beach and we have to look for sand that is not filled with plastic, bottles, styrofoam or straw," he said, referring to this major pollution problem. that must be settled.

Trudeau demands "a national solution"

By 2021, scientific assessments will be conducted to determine the list of items that will be banned. Canada also wants to make plastics producers, including "bottle manufacturers," more accountable for the "whole life cycle" of their products, he said.

Plastics manufacturers and companies using packaging, for example, will need a recycling plan, he added. "This change of approach," he noted, will take responsibility off the shoulders of municipalities and "allow us to recycle a lot more plastic."

In Canada, several cities have already banned plastic bags, such as Montreal since 2018, and provinces have also announced actions to ban other products. But "a national solution" is needed, Trudeau said. "Recycling plastics will help" reduce pollution "and create about 42,000 jobs in Canada," he said.

In advance of international commitments

Canada, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Italy, as well as the European Union, signed a new charter against plastic pollution of the oceans a year ago at the G7 summit in Quebec. The United States and Japan abstained.

In this voluntary text, these countries and the EU committed to ensuring that 100% of plastics are recyclable, reusable or recoverable worldwide by 2030.

Since then, 21 countries have adhered to this text, according to Justin Trudeau, and the European Union has adopted legislation to ban also by 2021 the most common single-use plastic products, ie about ten categories. of products that alone account for 70% of stranded waste in the oceans or beaches.

Tons of plastic waste

Every year, one million birds and more than 100,000 marine mammals around the world suffer injuries or die by getting entangled in plastic waste or confusing them with food, says a statement from the Prime Minister.

The environment promises to be one of the key issues in Canada's October legislative elections, as the ruling Liberals are accused by the New Democratic Party (left-wing opposition) and the Greens of having nationalized a pipeline at great expense controversial in Western Canada.

The government of Justin Trudeau will soon decide whether to authorize the tripling of the capacity of this pipeline, which would transport 890,000 barrels of oil per day from the Alberta oil sands to the Pacific port of Vancouver, in order to of its export to Asia.

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